Common Fertility Mistakes: Trying to Conceive

by Admin on April 2, 2018

Many couples have trouble getting pregnant even after one year of trying. Here are some common fertility mistakes to avoid to increase your chances of conceiving.

First, don’t restrict your position during sex. Yes, there are those who say there are certain positions that have a higher likelihood to result in pregnancy. The truth is, if you are ovulating and your partner’s sperm has no issues, the chances of getting pregnant are the same regardless of the position.

Second, don’t ignore the man’s health. Often times, the woman feels like she is the reason for infertility. Infertility is not just a woman’s problem. A man’s sperm production and/or sperm motility can be the cause of infertility. A physician can conduct a sperm analysis to find out if your partner’s sperm is normal and if it can swim normally towards the egg.

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Third, if you are having trouble conceiving, don’t have sex more than once a day when you are ovulating. Having sex multiple times per day actually decreases sperm count and reduces your chance of becoming pregnant.

Fourth, women try not to douche. Douching changes the pH of the vagina and can be the cause of an infection. A normal pH is necessary for the sperm to reach the egg.

Lastly, try not to stress. This is the hardest part, but stress reduces your chances of getting pregnant. So try to relax and don’t focus on the fact that you may not be pregnant yet.

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