Our desire to provide lower-cost fresh egg donation options led us to create the Seed program. Learn more about our affordable egg donor program here.

Low-Cost Egg Donor Program

At Family Creations, we want to help everyone achieve their dreams of a family! To make egg donation more affordable, we created the Seed Program — a low-cost egg donor program. Donors who participate in the Seed Program provide fresh donor eggs that maintain an optimal chance of successful transfer, but the cost ends up being similar to that of a frozen donor egg cycle.

How We Make It Work

Donors to the Seed Program have agreed to reduce their compensation to $5,000 — about half of what they would normally receive. We also reduce our standard agency fee by 50% to bring the agency fee for all Seed Program donors to $5,000. All other fees included, the total cost to cycle with a Seed Program donor is under $13,000. To participate in this low-cost egg donor program, a donor must live within 50 miles of your fertility doctor’s office or additional travel fees apply.

Seed Program Services

  • Personalized Matching: The process of selecting a candidate for our affordable egg donor program is the same as all our other programs.

  • Our matching department will assist you in identifying possible donors and finalizing the match with your selected candidate.

  • Dedicated Case Manager: Your case manager will coordinate every aspect of the egg donation process, from match to egg retrieval.Support For Your Donor: Your chosen egg donor also gets a dedicated team to assist her through the entire donation process.

  • IVF Center Facilitation: Our team does all the work on your behalf, working directly with the recipient’s IVF center to help with coordination and scheduling.

  • Testing Coordination: Family Creations orders psychological and genetic testing as needed.

  • Legal Coordination: We make the legal process much easier by providing referrals and coordinating with reproductive attorneys.

  • Trust Account Management: Your case manager helps manage your trust account and coordinates payments to the selected donor.

***Egg donor must live within a 50 mile radius from fertility center, or additional fees apply.

Seed Program Costs and Fees

First Payment:
Agency retainer Fee (One-week reserve/hold of egg donor included)$500
Second Payment:
Due within one week of reserving egg donor$4,500

Additional Egg Donor Expenses

Egg Donor Psychological Evaluation$350
Egg Donor Genetic Consultation$325
Accident Insurance Policy for Egg Donor$398.55
Egg Donor Fee$5,000
Egg Donor Legal Fees$500
Miscellaneous Donor Expense Deposit (unused funds returned)$1,000
Trust Account / Escrow Account Management Fee$500

Below are some additional expenses to anticipate

Fees Paid Directly to Other Service Providers (fees are approximate)

Recipient’s attorney’s fees and charges: Approximately $800-$1000

If applicable, medical monitoring for non-local donors: Cost Varies

Medication for cycle: Consult with physician’s office or pharmacy for breakdown

Medical screening and procedures: Consult with physician’s office for breakdown

Please note that a 3% processing fee will apply for Expense Deposit Accounts paid by credit card.

Processing fees do not apply to family creations administration fee. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Working with Family Creations

As the only agency nationwide to offer this type of low-cost egg donor program, we’re proud of our generous egg donors and thankful for their selflessness. When you choose the Seed Program, yo save thousands on the cost of your donor cycle.