Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Why Should I Work with Family Creations?

A: Family Creations has built a trusted reputation over two decades in the surrogacy and egg donation field, recognized by physicians across the country. As more agencies emerge—some with limited experience—it becomes crucial to choose an agency with a proven track record and a solid reputation.

High Standards for Surrogates

We have honed an in-depth and rigorous application and interview process for surrogates that remains unmatched in the industry. Unique to our approach is the requirement for a virtual or in-person home visit before approving a surrogate. We believe that understanding a surrogate’s living environment provides valuable insight into her lifestyle, helping us ensure she meets the high standards we set for inclusion in our program.

Partnerships with Experienced Professionals

Our longstanding experience has allowed us to establish relationships with the most reputable professionals in the surrogacy field. These strong partnerships ensure that you will receive informed and thorough answers to all your surrogacy FAQs and any concerns you may have throughout the process. With Family Creations, you work only with the best.

Flexible and Client-Friendly Financial Terms

We pride ourselves on our client-friendly financial arrangements: there are no payments required until you find a surrogate you’d like to work with. We offer a one-time agency fee that is structured into manageable payments tied to key milestones in the surrogacy journey. Moreover, our efficient process means there is no wait list, allowing us to start the matching process as soon as you are ready.

Choosing Family Creations means partnering with an experienced and caring team dedicated to supporting your journey to parenthood every step of the way.

Q.   What is the meaning of “intended parent”?

A: The term “intended parent” refers to the individual or couple who plans to become the legal parent(s) of a child born through the assistance of a gestational surrogate. This term includes a wide range of individuals and couples, from LGBTQ+ partners to committed singles of any gender, and those in relationships who are not married. At Family Creations, we recognize and support all adults as potential intended parents, regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, or relationship status.

In the legal context, “intended parent” carries significant implications. It defines those who will assume the legal rights and responsibilities for the child born via surrogacy. Understanding and establishing this legal parentage is crucial and involves detailed legal processes to ensure that the intended parents’ rights are fully recognized and protected from the start.

Family Creations meticulously coordinates the legal aspects of the surrogacy journey by working closely with specialized attorneys. This collaboration ensures that all necessary legal paperwork, including pre-birth orders or post-birth legal processes, are accurately handled. Our goal is to affirm the intended parents’ rights and responsibilities without any legal ambiguities, providing peace of mind throughout the surrogacy process and beyond.

By choosing Family Creations, intended parents can trust that every detail of the legal process will be managed with professionalism and care, securing their parental rights and paving the way for the new family’s successful future.

Q.   What is the Process of Finding a Surrogate at Family Creations?

A: The journey to finding a surrogate at Family Creations starts with our intended parents browsing through detailed profiles of available surrogate candidates online. These profiles are designed to help you identify a surrogate who aligns well with your preferences and requirements.

Once you find a surrogate candidate you are interested in, we will send her detailed medical records to your IVF doctor for a thorough review to ensure she meets all necessary medical criteria.

If your IVF doctor approves the surrogate, the next step is to secure her availability for you. A retainer of $1,000 is required, which holds the surrogate exclusively for you for one week. During this time, we will draft an agency agreement for your review to ensure all terms and commitments are clear and agreed upon.

We then coordinate a match meeting between you, the surrogate, and her partner if applicable. This meeting is crucial—it provides a chance for everyone involved to get to know each other, discuss expectations, and confirm that there is a good match. This personal interaction is key to building a comfortable and trusting relationship that will support a successful surrogacy journey.

This initial engagement ensures that all parties are comfortable and ready to proceed with the surrogacy arrangement, setting the stage for a supportive and clear path forward. At Family Creations, we are committed to facilitating these steps with utmost care and professionalism, ensuring a smooth process for everyone involved.

Q.   After Finding a Surrogate, How Long Until the Embryo Transfer?

A: Typically, it takes about three months from the time you find a surrogate until the embryo transfer can take place. However, this timeframe can vary significantly based on several factors.

During this period, several crucial steps occur:

  1. Medical Screening: The surrogate completes a comprehensive medical screening with your IVF doctor to ensure she is physically ready for the IVF process.
  2. Legal Process: A vital step in the process is securing legal clearance. The surrogate is not allowed to begin medications related to the IVF cycle until there is legal clearance, which means that both the intended parents and the surrogate must have entered into a legal agreement with each other. This agreement protects the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.
  3. IVF Preparations: Following legal clearance, the surrogate begins taking IVF medications and attends regular monitoring appointments to prepare her body for the embryo transfer.
  4. Scheduling Considerations: The timing of the embryo transfer also depends on the availability and scheduling at your fertility clinic, along with the specific medical protocols they follow.
  5. Surrogate’s Cycle: Additionally, the surrogate’s birth control status at the time of matching and her menstrual cycle are important factors in determining the timing of the embryo transfer.

At Family Creations, we are committed to guiding both the intended parents and surrogates through each of these steps. Our goal is to advance at a pace that is comfortable for both the intended parents and the surrogate, ensuring that the process moves forward seamlessly while meticulously checking that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. We provide comprehensive support throughout the surrogacy process, making sure each journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We are always ready to discuss any surrogacy FAQs and provide the answers and support you need.

Q.   How Much Contact Will I Have With My Surrogate During the Pregnancy and After?

A: As an intended parent, the level of contact you have with your surrogate during the pregnancy is entirely up to you and what feels comfortable for both parties. Some intended parents enjoy a very open relationship with their surrogate, involving activities like family dinners and outings to the park. Others prefer a more private arrangement, limiting contact to visits to the doctor and essential updates.

At Family Creations, we understand that the level of contact you desire is an important aspect of your surrogacy journey. Before finding a surrogate and being introduced, we discuss surrogacy FAQs, including your preferences for communication and contact during the pregnancy. We only introduce you to surrogates who desire the same level of contact as you, ensuring compatibility and mutual understanding from the start.

After the pregnancy, your level of contact with your surrogate is entirely your decision. Some intended parents maintain a close relationship, inviting their surrogate to birthday celebrations and family gatherings. Others prefer more occasional contact, such as sending yearly pictures. Some parents may feel more comfortable with no contact after the child’s birth. Whatever your preference, Family Creations supports you in navigating post-pregnancy relationships with sensitivity and respect for everyone involved.

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