Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Why Should I Work with Family Creations?

A. Family Creations is a name that is trusted by physicians all over the country. With more and more agencies opening their doors every year (some with little or no experience), placing your trust in an egg donation and surrogacy agency with experience and a solid reputation is important.

High Standards for Surrogates

We have developed an in-depth and rigorous application and interview process for surrogates that is unmatched by any other agency. In addition, we are one of the only agencies that require a virtual or in-person home visit before approving the surrogate.We feel that a surrogate’s living environment tells a lot about her lifestyle and helps us determine if she is the type of surrogate we want to accept into our program.

Partnerships with Experienced Professionals

Our standards are high for our gestational surrogates and the professionals with whom we work and refer our clients. Our years of experience have enabled us to cultivate relationships with the most reputable professionals you will encounter throughout the surrogacy process when addressing any questions or concerns. With Family Creations, you will only be working with the best when finding a surrogate. When you choose us, you can count on informed, thorough answers to all your surrogacy FAQs.

Q.   What is the meaning of “intended parent”?

A. The term “intended parent” means the couple or individual who wants to work with a gestational surrogate to create a family. Family Creations has a long history of working with LGBTQ couples, committed singles (both men and women) who want a child, and those who are in relationships without being married. We interpret intended parent(s) to mean all adults regardless of sexual orientation, gender expression, or relationship status.

Q.   What is the Process of Finding a Surrogate at Family Creations?

A. The intended parent(s) will have the opportunity to learn about each of our available surrogate candidates by reviewing their profiles online. Once a possible candidate is identified, her records will be sent to the intended parents’ IVF doctor for review. If approved, a retainer agreement and fee will be due before a meeting takes place with the surrogate candidate. The surrogate will be placed “on hold” for two weeks while a meeting is arranged. Family Creations will facilitate the meeting with both parties.

The meeting between you and the surrogate candidate is an excellent opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and ensure it is the right “fit” or “match.” We ask that the surrogate’s significant other also attend these meetings. You can discuss your preferences and get answers to any more surrogacy FAQs you might have. If both the intended parent(s) and surrogate are comfortable moving forward, it is considered a match!

Q.   After Finding a Surrogate, How Long Until the Embryo Transfer?

A. Generally, it takes about three months after finding a surrogate for the embryo transfer. However, this time frame depends on many different factors and can vary greatly. The support we offer during the surrogacy process is what makes our clients deeply value our services. We understand that every journey is different, and we will be here for you every step of the way. We’re always happy to discuss surrogacy FAQs and give you the answers you seek!

Q.   How Much Contact Will I Have With My Surrogate During the Pregnancy and After?

A. Being an intended parent means you can enjoy a very open relationship with your surrogate throughout the pregnancy. Some have family dinners, days at the park, and so forth. Some prefer a more private relationship, sharing only visits to the doctor and the like. The level of contact you desire will be one of the surrogacy FAQs discussed with Family Creations before finding a surrogate and being introduced. We will only introduce you to surrogates who desire the same level of contact as you.

After the pregnancy, your contact level with your surrogate is entirely up to you. Some well-meaning intended parents invite their surrogate to get together on birthdays and family gatherings, while others prefer only sending yearly pictures. Some parents are more comfortable with no contact after the child’s birth.

Contact the Family Creations Team

If you have more concerns about the process or want to discuss these surrogacy FAQs in greater depth, please contact our team and check out our glowing client testimonials.