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Are you curious about the requirements to be a surrogate and the benefits it can bring? At Family Creations, women who have joined our gestational surrogacy program would agree that the most significant benefit is the joy of giving the gift of life! If you are considering being a surrogate and feel the same, watch our short overview video and read on to learn more. We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of becoming a part of the Family Creations team.

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How Do I Become a Surrogate with Family Creations?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: What are the requirements to be a surrogate? We love answering prospective gestational surrogates because this may be one of the most personally rewarding decisions you’ll ever make. After all, few things are more valuable than making another person’s dream of having a child come true. They’ll be grateful for your gift of a family, and you can always feel good about having such a positive impact on their lives.

If you’re considering being a surrogate for Family Creations, we’re ready to help you experience firsthand the joy of helping couples and individuals who desire a child. Here is what you need to qualify to be a surrogate and the requirements our agency will ask of you and the intended parent(s).

Requirements to be a Surrogate

We want surrogacy to be safe for everyone involved. Family Creations strives to protect everyone by establishing rigorous prerequisites, including mental and physical health screenings, to ensure you’re ready for pregnancy.

If you’re considering being a surrogate, it’s important to note that you must be at least 21 years old and no older than 39 to participate in the Family Creations program. Your body mass index must also be under 32. In addition, you cannot be a drug user (this also includes medical marijuana and some prescription drugs) or smoker (this also includes vaping and e-cigarettes) and must have had at least one pregnancy without complications.

While the surrogacy process offers financial compensation, applicants must prove financial stability without relying on government assistance.

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Considering Being a Surrogate? Here’s What to Expect!

“How do I become a surrogate?” is a question we answer often, and we love explaining how one of the great things about working with Family Creations is that we assign you an experienced case manager right from the start of your work with us and our intended parents. The case manager will walk you through the requirements to be a surrogate so that you will be more likely to have your application approved. Your case manager will stay by your side throughout the surrogacy process from match until birth and beyond. You can always turn to them for guidance and ask them questions. In addition to your case manager, surrogates can access the information shared on the Family Creations blog and our resources page.

How Do I Become a Surrogate for Same-Sex Male Couples?

Many intended parent(s) want to have a biologically and genetically related child. For this reason, gestational surrogacy is especially helpful for same-sex male couples and single men. With gestational surrogacy, our surrogates carry the embryo created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) using eggs and sperm from the intended parents or sperm/egg donors. As a result, the surrogate has no biological connection to the child. If you’re an ally to the LGBTQ community and are considering being a surrogate to help a same-sex couple create the family of their dreams, we’d love to talk with you about what you need to qualify to be a surrogate with Family Creations!

What are the Requirements to Be the Right Surrogate Agency for Me?

When considering being a surrogate, finding a reputable and experienced surrogacy and family planning agency is one of the most important things to look for. While requirements vary from state to state, you want to research and ensure that the agency has a long track record of protecting the rights and well-being of the gestational surrogates they work with. Investigate how surrogates and intended parents are matched, how payment schedules are established, and what legal protections you are given. While many requirements to be a surrogate are relatively easy to attain, only you can decide on the best agency to work with.

To learn more about Family Creations, we encourage you to review testimonials from previous clients and connect with our agency’s staff. Whether you’re beginning to explore “How do I become a surrogate?” or are ready to complete your application, we’d love to speak with you. We also welcome questions about our policies, procedures, the requirements to be a surrogate, and our qualifications as a surrogacy agency.

At Family Creations, our mission is that everyone deserves the family of their dreams, and we do everything we can to help them build their family lovingly and respectfully. Our long history of providing gestational surrogacy and egg donation services to individuals and couples shows our deep commitment to creating all kinds of families.

How Do I Become a Surrogate? Step One: Reach Out to Family Creations!

Surrogacy is a fantastic gift that allows you to help another family. We’d love to hear from you if you’re considering being a surrogate. With offices throughout the United States, we’re never too far from where you are! Contact us to find out more and learn how to apply through Family Creations.

We look forward to hearing from you!