Have you ever heard of prenatal yoga? Wondering how it can help you throughout your pregnancy? At Family Creations, we know all about the benefits of prenatal yoga that can make a real difference during your pregnancy. Whether you’re completely new to this type of workout or you’re interested in prenatal yoga for back pain or another condition, our team can teach you more!

The Benefits

The benefits of prenatal yoga encompass many different aspects of your pregnancy. Use yoga to ease headaches and nausea, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and increase flexibility and strength. Prenatal yoga can even offer improvement for back pain, relieve sciatica, and keep you balanced as your baby grows and your center of gravity shifts.

When you learn the fundamentals of prenatal yoga, you’re creating a pathway to a more pleasant pregnancy experience. Prenatal yoga is also a great way to stay in tune with your body while pregnant, connect with your baby, and learn more about yourself.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal yoga focuses on general yoga principles and poses with modifications for the life growing within you. No yoga experience is needed, just a willingness to learn and actively practice. In addition to learning modified yoga poses, you also study deep breathing techniques that help prepare you for the birthing process.

Should You Start Yoga?

pregnant woman in standing tree pose

Most professionals recommend hatha yoga, prenatal yoga, and restorative yoga for pregnant women after their first trimester. These are the styles of prenatal yoga with the most benefits for you. Informing your instructor of your pregnancy will also help ensure your safety throughout the class.

Pregnant women should avoid hot yoga, however. This type of yoga involves extremely vigorous poses in a very hot room. Temperatures can reach up to 105°F, which can be too stressful for your body and can even cause hyperthermia.

Prenatal Yoga for Back Pain & So Much More!

The benefits of prenatal yoga should never outweigh the advice of your doctor and the health of you and your unborn child. Family Creations always recommends that you discuss prenatal yoga with your physician before starting any classes. Anyone with acute pain, high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, vaginal bleeding, contractions, chest pain, or other atypical symptoms should consult a physician before practicing prenatal yoga.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 5, 2023