When you decide to become a surrogate, you are taking on a role that is far nobler than you may realize. You are helping someone achieve their ultimate vision of family and through that, the compensation you earn will help you and your family achieve your own dreams.

At Family Creations, we consider it an honor to work with you through our top-of-the-line gestational surrogacy program. Here is a look at the surrogate pay you can expect through this rewarding journey.

Main Fee Received

Have you ever wondered, “how much do you make as a surrogate?” As a surrogate at Family Creations, you can expect to receive a competitive base fee ranging from $50,000 to $100,000 plus, depending on multiple factors. This payment will begin to be made the month after your pregnancy is confirmed and divided into 10 increments. Then, once you give birth to the parent’s new child, you will receive the balance of the payment.

Additional Surrogate Compensation

Here is a look at the other fees you’ll receive as part of the Family Creations’ surrogacy community.

Surrogate Compensation$50,000-$100,000+You will begin receiving this payment from the first of the month following the confirmation of your pregnancy. The payment will be made in 10 increments. After giving birth, you will receive the balance of the fee as a lump sum.    
Surrogate Twin Compensation$5,000You will receive an additional $5,000 if a twin pregnancy occurs. You will receive this payment in installments of $1,000, starting at the fifth month of pregnancy and continuing for the following 5 months.
Monthly Allowance$200/MonthThis is a non-accountable monthly expense reimbursement that will be paid to you at $200/month. This allowance covers costs like postage, faxes, telephone calls, non-prescription medication, childcare for local appointments, lost wages, and similar expenses.
Maternity Clothing$1,000This amount will be paid to you at 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Embryo Transfer Fee$1,000You will receive $1,000 per embryo transfer procedure.
Medication Start Fee$1,000This fee will be paid to you when you commence injectable medications. It applies to each cycle, including mock cycles.
Estimated Lost Wages$TBDFamily Creations will calculate 6 weeks of lost wages for you and 5 days of lost wages for your husband/partner. Throughout the pregnancy, you may also be reimbursed for doctor-ordered bed rest, travel time, and postpartum recovery.

* Please note that employment and wage calculations are subject to change at any moment throughout the process.
Day Care$100/ Day You can receive surrogate compensation of up to $100 per day for child care if your doctor orders or recommends bed rest.
House Cleaning$100/ Week If you are placed on doctor-ordered bed rest, you will receive reimbursement for up to $100 per week for house cleaning. You can also receive reimbursement for house cleaning between 36-41 weeks of pregnancy and two weeks after delivery. You will need to provide a receipt for house cleaning services.
C Section for Surrogate$4,000You will receive an additional $4,000 surrogate compensation if the delivery of the child requires a C-section.
Invasive Procedure$500You will receive $500 for each invasive procedure, including amniocentesis (and similar prenatal diagnostic tests), fetal reduction, D&C, or any procedure that requires anesthesia.
Surrogate’s Loss of Reproductive Capabilities$4,000-$10,000You will receive compensation of $4,000-$10,000 if you lose your ability to reproduce due to fallopian tube loss, uterus loss, or the need for a complete hysterectomy as a result of the surrogacy.
Breast Milk Pumping$250/Week You may receive surrogate compensation of up to $250 per week for breast milk pumping, as well as reimbursement for costs such as pump rental, supplies, and shipping. Pumping and its associated costs must be mutually agreed on by you and the intended parents.

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If you are keen to begin the process of surrogacy or have additional questions about how much you make as a surrogate, please get in touch with our team. We’ll provide you with all of the support and guidance you need to make this an incredibly positive and rewarding experience.