Getting pregnant is not easy. Couples who are trying to conceive can feel the pressure of the process and may be full of stress and feelings of anxiety, guilt and pressure. For couples who are trying to conceive this can take a toll on a relationship. Just remember that you are not alone. Many couples who are trying to conceive have arguments, this is a normal part of relationships. Couples who have been trying for many months or years can become impatient with the process. This can cause heated arguments, resentment towards their partner and other feelings that can be hard to come to terms with.

Couples need to be on the same page about the decision to have a baby and to start a family. If the couple is disconnected on this decision, this can often be a game-changer in many relationships. When a couple is aligned and the goals are in order, success is more likely to occur. When it isn’t, couples tend to fight and get aggravated with one another.

Make sure to communicate with your partner when trying to conceive. It’s not enough to say you want to start a family one day. You need to communicate with your partner about timelines to make sure they match up. Women may feel like they have a biological time clock they have to consider. Also, women’s fertility starts declining in her early 30s and speeds up after age 35. Men do not feel the pressure of a biological clock and this can lead to fights about when to have a baby. Communication is an important part of the process to make sure the couple is on the same page. This helps with reducing stress on the relationship.

Trying To Conceive What Couples Go Through

If you are not having success conceiving on their own, you can contact us for a medical intervention and alternative methods to grow your family. We  are here to answer any questions you have about fertility and the surrogacy process.

by Julia McConnell on June 29, 2018