Infertility Treatment Options

What Are the Next Steps? Infertility happens to one in eight couples trying to have a baby. Many individuals feel lost or confused when faced with challenges growing their family and don’t know where to turn. Whether you are considering egg donation or surrogacy, we know that the choices may seem daunting and overwhelming. The… Read more »

Looking for Books About Surrogacy? Look no further!

Surrogacy is an increasingly common path to parenthood, with more individuals and couples opting for this method to bring a child into their lives. However, surrogacy presents unique challenges and concerns for prospective parents, particularly when explaining the process to the children in their lives. This challenge is where books on surrogacy can provide invaluable… Read more »

The Egg Donor Selection Process

Understanding the egg donor selection process step by step Infertility affects 1 in 8 people worldwide and can leave couples devastated and frustrated. Luckily, there are egg donors and surrogates willing to help those struggling to have a baby. Family Creations, an egg donor and surrogate agency, works closely with these candidates to give couples… Read more »

How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

A Guide for Evaluating Surrogate Companies Surrogacy is an arrangement between an individual or couple looking to contract with a surrogate to have a child. Learning how to choose a surrogacy agency is very important as the organization will facilitate the entire surrogacy process, from finding a surrogate through pregnancy and delivery. Couples or individuals… Read more »

My Two Dads

Helping Gay Parents to Build Their Families At Family Creations, we’re passionate about helping everyone build the family they desire. One significant trend in modern families is an increased rate of males who desire biological children — especially among gay men. More and more same-sex and LGBT+ parents are using surrogacy and egg donation to… Read more »

5 Benefits of Working with a Surrogacy Agency

At Family Creations, we’ve seen many couples and single parents go through the process of surrogacy. We’ve heard their stories and struggles — many only coming to us after trying other avenues to find surrogates. As a professional agency, we know what it takes to find the right surrogate for you. We’re also experts at every… Read more »

Talking to Kids about Donor Conception

If you are considering egg donation or surrogacy, you may be facing the “conversation” with your child in the future. There are two ways to go about this conversation. Be honest and up front from the beginning. This will instill a sense of honesty and trust in your relationship building the values you will want… Read more »