Whether you’re interested in surrogacy or egg donation in Los Angeles, Family Creations has the experience, passion, and compassion you’re looking for in an alternative family planning clinic. Call or email to provide us with more information about what you’re looking for, or schedule a consultation before dropping by a clinic near you.

Los Angeles Surrogacy at Family Creations

For surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents, Family Creations is the best surrogate agencies in California to ensure your dreams come true. Our patience and diligence in pairing surrogates and egg donors with future parents make us one of the world’s most celebrated surrogacy agencies. Our Los Angeles egg donation and surrogacy team sets up interviews, finds LA County doctors, and assists with all legal and medical processes.

Before stopping by our main office in Los Angeles, please get in touch with us by phone at 800-551-1445 to make an appointment. We can schedule a consultation to help you with any questions you may have about becoming a surrogate, donating eggs, or how you can become a parent.

Egg Donation in Los Angeles

At Family Creations, we make it our mission to bring together intended parents and egg donors. As one of the leading surrogate agencies in California, we do everything from reviewing donor profiles to scheduling doctor appointments. Our team is here for you throughout the entire process. If you reside in California and want to be involved in egg donation, reach out to us to learn more today.

Working with Family Creations

Our empathy and compassion during surrogacy or egg donation are what make future parents and donors seek out the team at Family Creations. Every staff member is sensitive to your situation and only wants to help you create the family you deserve. Whether you’re looking into surrogacy or egg donation in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our local office today.