Family Creations Answers Your Questions About Egg Donation

Egg donation is a process by which a woman donates her eggs to someone in need of fertility treatment. It is an incredibly selfless act that can give couples or individuals the chance to create a loving family and bring a child into their lives. There are many different aspects to consider when it comes to egg donation. In this egg donation FAQ section, we will discuss our top ten most asked questions, including what egg donation is, its benefits, and how to become an egg donor.

Our Top 10 Egg Donation FAQs:

#1 Will Egg Donation Affect My Future Fertility?

A. In our 15 years of working with egg donors, this may be the most frequently asked question about egg donation. The resounding answer is “No!” The retrieval process will not compromise the possibility of you becoming pregnant in the future. You will work with highly qualified doctors who will go to great lengths to ensure your health and safety. In fact, qualified egg donors can generally donate up to six times throughout their qualifying period.

#2 What Characteristics Are You Looking for in an Egg Donor?

A. Family Creations is looking for responsible, bright, healthy, non-smoking women between the ages of 20 and 29 of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds. Our egg donation application is available on our website so potential donors can review all our questions and requirements.

#3 What Does the Egg Donation Process Entail?

A. Once you have been screened and approved by Family Creations, your profile will be viewable on our password-protected donor database. Once a couple or person selects you, you will begin taking a hormone under a doctor’s care for approximately three weeks.

During this time, a doctor near you will monitor you closely. You will then be scheduled for the procedure to remove or retrieve the eggs from your ovaries. This outpatient procedure is done in a doctor’s office using a light sedative. Most donors can return to school or work the following day. Please continue to read through our egg donation FAQs to learn even more about the process.

#4 What Is the Time Frame for the Donation Process?

A. An average donation cycle usually lasts between two and three months. However, this approximate time frame can vary based on different factors related to a particular cycle. Family Creations will explain the time frame and process in detail upon your acceptance into our program.

#5 Does It Hurt to Donate Eggs?

A. For their first egg donation, our donors are typically paid $8,000.00 to donate eggs for their time and commitment to following through with their egg donor responsibilities. Typically you will be paid a compensation increasing by $500 to donate eggs following each successful donation. However, egg donor fees are negotiable, and egg donors are generally able to donate up to six times.

#6 What Are the Chances that the Recipient Will Become Pregnant?

A. The woman who will receive your eggs (also referred to as “the recipient”) has approximately a 65-75% chance of becoming pregnant with the assistance of a healthy donor. In other words, pregnancy is not guaranteed, but the chances are good!

Egg Donation FAQs Regarding Compensation and Confidentiality

At Family Creations, we ensure that donors receive financial compensation for their time, effort, and commitment to the egg donation process. Potential donors should never hesitate to ask questions about payment and benefits.

#7 Will I Have any Out-of-Pocket Expenses?

A. No! In addition to your egg donation payment, the recipient covers all of the necessary expenses throughout the donation process. This compensation includes transportation costs for all medical appointments and the egg retrieval.

#8 How Much Will I Be Paid to Donate Eggs?

A. No FAQ page about egg donation would be complete without addressing the compensation question. For the first egg donation, Family Creations typically pays donors $10,000.00 for the time and commitment required to carry out the responsibilities of an egg donor. Typically, egg donation pay will increase by $500 following each successful donation. However, egg donor fees are negotiable.

#9 Will My Donation Be Confidential? Who Can View My Profile and Pictures Online?

A. As the world becomes increasingly digital and online, one of our frequently asked questions about egg donation pertains to confidentiality and data security. Family Creations understands that confidentiality is a concern to both recipients and egg donors alike. Therefore, your donation will absolutely be confidential. Donors will not know the recipient’s name, and the recipient will not know any of the donor’s personal identifying information (such as last name, address, etc.). In addition, our donors’ profiles are password-protected, and only registered recipients have access to view the profiles.

#10 Why Should I Work with Family Creations?

A. Family Creations understands that there are many reputable agencies from which you can choose. However, it’s hard to beat the level of service provided by Family Creations when it comes to dedication and sensitivity to its donors.

We have an experienced and organized staff dedicated to matching our donors and managing donation cycles with care and compassion. In addition, we offer around-the-clock support by providing you with your case manager’s cell phone number.

If any questions arise that are not covered in our egg donation FAQs, they will be addressed immediately by our support staff. You will never feel pressured or confused about any step of the process. Upon completion of the process, our donors feel proud knowing they were able to help someone achieve the dream of creating a family while receiving generous compensation for their time and contributions.

Begin Your Egg Donation Journey Today

After reading our FAQ, you may be excited to begin your egg donation journey. In addition to receiving compensation, working with Family Creations allows you to give others the gift of family. Our friendly, professional team is ready and waiting to assist you throughout the whole process. Contact us today to get started on your application.