The Surrogacy Process: Preparing Yourself

One of the most frequent questions from potential surrogates is, “How does the surrogacy process work?” The professional staff at Family Creations put together this article to address that concern. With over 15 years of experience as a nationwide surrogacy and egg donation agency, we believe strongly in transparency and helping potential gestational surrogates make… Read more »

Looking for Books About Surrogacy? Look no further!

Surrogacy is an increasingly common path to parenthood, with more individuals and couples opting for this method to bring a child into their lives. However, surrogacy presents unique challenges and concerns for prospective parents, particularly when explaining the process to the children in their lives. This challenge is where books on surrogacy can provide invaluable… Read more »

What is the Surrogacy Cost Breakdown?

Is Surrogacy Expensive? Yes and No. Surrogacy is an increasingly common method of assisted reproduction that provides an alternative path to parenthood for many individuals and couples. One of the most frequent questions for those considering this journey is, “What does surrogacy cost?” In this article, the staff at Family Creations offers our advice for… Read more »

Surrogacy Terminology

Understanding What Surrogacy Means Welcome to the beautiful world of surrogacy, where the gratification of helping others create the family of their dreams is plentiful, and the terminology is sometimes confusing! We’ve created this list to help you understand some standard terms you’ll see and hear during your surrogate journey. 1. Carrier/Surrogate/Surrogate Mother: These terms… Read more »

How Do Intended Parents & Surrogates Get Matched?

How Does a Surrogacy Agency Match Intended Parents & Surrogates? How Does a Surrogate Matching Service Work? You might wonder how a surrogacy agency matches intended parents and surrogates to ensure a strong relationship and a healthy bond. At Family Creations, we take the surrogacy matching process very seriously because we know how important it… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About IVF and Surrogacy

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Surrogacy vs. IVF For couples and individuals who wish to start a family and experience parenthood, it can be devastating to learn of infertility or to experience miscarriages. Thanks to advancements in science and technology, new options are available to all who want to bring a child into their… Read more »

Twins by Surrogacy: What to Expect

How Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates Handle Twin Pregnancy For some would-be-parents, having twins may be a dream come true. Perhaps one parent is a twin themselves and would like to recreate that special bond with their children. Maybe the individual or couple would like to have two children but cannot space the births over… Read more »

Why Surrogacy Has Such A High Success Rate

Surrogacy is when a woman carries a baby for an intended parent or parents. There are two types of surrogacy, traditional and gestational. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate’s egg is fertilized with sperm from an intended parent. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. Success rates for both forms of surrogacy… Read more »