The Benefits of Working Out While Pregnant

Many women wonder if exercise is appropriate during pregnancy and if you can start working out while pregnant. Are you worried that working out will put more stress on the baby as it develops? Don’t be! While pregnancy is not the time you want to start working out to lose weight or start a high-impact… Read more »

How to Stay Cool in the Summer While Pregnant

Pregnancy during the summer months can be challenging! To all the mamas and mamas-to-be sweating through soaring temperatures and high humidity, we feel for you! Figuring out how to stay cool while pregnant in the summer can be challenging. In this article, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips on how to stay cool in… Read more »

Planning Another Pregnancy

If you have delivered a child recently and now you find yourselves longing for another, when can we start trying again? Experts recommend that you should wait until your body has had a chance to completely recover and restore itself, which includes refreshing some of the nutritional stores that your last pregnancy used. This can… Read more »

Is Pregnancy Brain Real?

Is pregnancy brain real? Many pregnant women joke about mommy brain fog, explained as minor memory lapses (or something similar to short-term amnesia) as a side effect of pregnancy. If you’re wondering what this phenomenon might be like, Family Creations can let you know what to expect. Whether you’re a surrogate, intended parent, or expectant… Read more »