Male Infertility

by Admin on April 2, 2018

Not many men readily talk about their experience with male infertility. Men are stereotypically macho and full of pride; however, they may be dealing with depression related to male infertility.

Male infertility is the inability to impregnate a woman naturally. Infertility in males can be due to semen deficiency or low semen quality. This affects sperm production or sperm transport (the sperm has low mobility), making it difficult to have a successful pregnancy. The cases of male infertility affect approximately 7% of men. In about 30% of infertility cases, the reason is male fecundity.

The reasons for low sperm count is many. Some include a pre-existing condition, use of alcohol or drugs, hernia, hormone disorders, exposure to radiation, injury to the groin area or wearing restrictive clothing. Other causes could be related to history of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STD) or urinary tract infections (UTI).

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Men suffering from fertility issues are identified as under the age of 35 who have tried to have children for over a year with a female counterpart unsuccessfully. Both parties have to undergo physical exams and screenings to rule out who is infertile. A male will undergo a blood test, semen analysis, and physical examination. In our society, we typically hear of females being infertile, but many times it is the male who cannot cause pregnancy in a fertile female.

Men can take measures to increase sperm count, by exercising regularly, taking vitamin and mineral supplements – including Vitamin C, D, and zinc, relaxing and living stress-free. Also, try to avoid alcohol or other drugs which may also lower sperm count.

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