A pregnant woman in a plaid shirt cradling her belly.

Through medical technology, education, and acceptance, surrogacy has become a viable option for couples and individuals who wish to have children but cannot have them naturally. Gestational surrogates help individuals, and couples, experience the miracle of parenthood. In the past years, the demand for this family planning method has increased, and surrogates are needed to help create loving families. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of gestational surrogates significantly increased from 1% in 1999 to 2.5% in 2013. This increase resulted in the birth of 18,400 babies over the course of that 14-year period. Over half of these babies were twins, triplets, or other multiples.

Why Use a Surrogate to Start a Family

There are many reasons why using a surrogate is worth considering. First, a gestational carrier can help intended parents achieve the joy of having their own families. Some women may have significant health complications that can result in a high-risk pregnancy; therefore, working with a healthy surrogate can alleviate that medical risk. In this scenario, the risk of going through a complicated pregnancy could be life-threatening for both the mother and baby. A surrogate can eliminate the chances of a difficult or even dangerous pregnancy.

Another reason surrogates are needed is that people are waiting until later in life to start their families. Intended parents who use surrogates are often older, on average, than parents who do not. Waiting to have a child can impact fertility for both women and men. Surrogacy has also become a popular option for intended parents of all ages who have unsuccessfully tried other methods to have a child and continue to struggle with infertility.

Single people and same-sex male couples also desire to be parents! Surrogacy is a perfect way to help create a family in these circumstances. As the number of same-sex couples rises, so does the need for healthy surrogates from various cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. For both same-sex and heterosexual couples, surrogates can play an essential role in fulfilling the desire to start or add to their family.

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by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023