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Surrogacy Program


Making dreams come true one family at a time

The three pillars of surrogacy: Patience, diligence and empathy

Family Creations built its reputation on these three essential traits. They are what we look for in every one of our associates. Our surrogacy program demands each in our daily practice.

We are among the world's most recognized surrogacy agencies

The reason for such acclaim is simple: We make your dreams come

true. Each potential surrogate is walked through Family Creations' rigorous screening process. When we have completed our evaluation of a potential surrogate, we have gotten to know her very well. 

Our real work begins after we accept our surrogate candidates. First, we educate them about the details of the entire process. They learn exactly what to expect and what we and the intended parents will expect of them. There are no surprises for them or for the intended parents.

Matching surrogates with intended parents

Family Creations' approach to matching intended parents with the most appropriate surrogate centers on listening. We listen to everyone's needs, desires, dreams and wants. Then we search through our surrogacy program candidates until we uncover the right match.

We do not stop at simply providing a name, background and profile. Family Creations is there around the clock to counsel and support both our surrogates and our intended parents through the entire process. We see fully half of our job as giving the emotional and professional support necessary to achieving a successful conclusion.

Whether you are a potential surrogate or an intended parent, our mission is to guide you through this most exciting journey. Give us a call. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions.


Family Creations works hard to find the most qualified Surrogates. By filling out a very brief, free and confidential registration form, you will be contacted by our staff to learn more about our program and also review profiles of available Surrogate candidates.

Each Surrogate has gone through an extensive application, interview, and evaluation process, which includes a home visit, background check, and initial psychological testing.

This ensures only the most qualified candidates are presented to you. We look forwarding to having the opportunity to assist you.

Surrogacy with Family Creations is an extremely rewarding process. Along with the emotional gratification you receive, you are rewarded with many financial benefits to help you achieve some of your own dreams.

After filling out a brief application, you will be contacted by someone from our staff with more information.