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As egg donation and surrogacy become more common options for having children, many people are choosing to become single parents on their own. The stereotype has changed — women are not the only ones raising children on their own. Nowadays, “modern” men have become more interested in having children, even if they do not have a partner. Call it a type of paternal instinct.

The Surrogacy Process for a Single Man

Single parent surrogacy has become a viable option for intended fathers who are interested in having a biological connection to their child(ren). The surrogacy process is the same for a single man as for any other intended parents. In general, surrogacy for a single man requires both an egg donor and a gestational surrogate. The man’s sperm is used to fertilize the donor eggs, resulting in a varying number of embryos. One or two of those embryos are then implanted in the surrogate using in vitro fertilization (IVF). The remaining embryos can then be frozen to be used for subsequent pregnancies.

Surrogacy for Single Women

Single women may also find that surrogacy is a good option to start a family. A single woman who is looking for surrogacy may have medical problems affecting her uterus, a hysterectomy that removed her uterus, or health conditions that make pregnancy extremely risky or impossible, such as severe heart disease. In the surrogacy process for single females, your healthy eggs are paired with donor sperm to create the embryos for implantation in a surrogate. If your eggs are not viable or pose genetic health risks for the baby, then donor eggs are also an option.

Learn Your State’s Surrogacy Laws

Surrogacy laws and circumstances vary from state to state, so consult an experienced attorney in your state who represents intended parents and surrogates. It is important to do your research, talk to others who have gone through the process, and get referrals to make sure this is the path for you. We suggest joining online support and community groups of people who have gone through the process of surrogacy for a single man or woman. They can be an excellent first-hand resource to help you gain a fuller understanding of the surrogacy experience.

Contact Family Creations if you are looking for an agency that is experienced with single male and female surrogacy. If you need additional details or support about the process and are ready to learn more about how surrogacy works for a single man or woman, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We make it easy to take the first step to help you fulfill your dream of starting a family.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 6, 2023