Surrogacy, as you may already know, is when a couple with infertility issues seeks the help of another to carry a child for them. Not that long ago, the only options to help couples who couldn’t conceive was adoption and traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate uses her own egg and the resulting child is biologically related to her. Traditional surrogacy raised ethical issues and sometimes ended in custody court battles. 

Today, we have the option of gestational surrogacy. In this type of surrogacy, a donor egg or an egg from the intended mother can be transferred into the surrogate. The surrogate is not biologically related to the child at all. Ethical issues are non-existent here and solid legal surrogacy agreements clearly state the true mother is the one who intended to create and raise a child.

Family Creations is a surrogacy and egg donor agency that helps all types of couples from all over the world start families. We help match people who want to be surrogates with intended parents. As a part of our screening process, candidates must meet certain surrogacy requirements to ensure the good health of the baby and of themselves throughout the process

Surrogacy Requirements: 

  • Age between 21-39
  • Body mass index (BMI) under 32
  • Non-smoker and must not use drugs
  • Reside in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Wisconsin, or Washington State
  • Has had at least one pregnancy with no complications
  • Not receiving any type of government assistance

Many of these surrogacy requirements are for obvious reasons, like being a non-smoker and non-drug user, but you may be wondering why BMI is a surrogacy requirement. What is BMI? BMI is body mass index, a value that takes into account your weight and height. The value is used to classify a person as underweight, normal weight, overweight, and obese. BMI is widely used as a medical standard.

BMI Effects on Fertility

A woman of unhealthy weight can have hormonal imbalances and problems with her ovaries releasing the eggs. Studies have shown that even a small amount of weight loss in obese women can improve fertility.

BMI Effects on Pregnancy

Being overweight can affect the development of the embryo in negative ways. Obesity in pregnancy has been linked to pregnancy complications like increased risk of miscarriage, high blood pressure, blood clotting, pre-eclampsia, diabetes, infection, the need to induce labor, cesarean birth, and stillbirth. Babies born under these conditions often suffer from childhood obesity that can last into adulthood. Other long-term health problems have been known to occur as well.

Surrogacy agencies, like Family Creations, want to be sure that the surrogate and the baby start out in good health and continue that way throughout the pregnancy and birth. That is why they have standard surrogacy requirements. Couples looking for a surrogate want a candidate who is as healthy as they can be. The healthier the surrogate is, the better chances you will have for a normal delivery and a healthy baby with no complications. Therefore, thorough physical and mental screenings are a standard requirement for possible surrogates

Consider Becoming A Surrogate!

To learn more about becoming a surrogate or an egg donor, visit Surrogates are compensated for their time, travel, lost wages, childcare, and more. We will guide you through the process step-by-step and answer any questions you may have. Our experienced staff are experts in various areas that will aid you in your journey of surrogacy. We even assign you a personal case manager who will help with scheduling doctor’s appointments and connect you with our support groups. Apply online for free and get started helping a family in need of a child to love today.     

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023