How Does a Surrogacy Agency Match Intended Parents & Surrogates?

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How Does a Surrogate Matching Service Work?

You might wonder how a surrogacy agency matches intended parents and surrogates to ensure a strong relationship and a healthy bond. At Family Creations, we take the surrogacy matching process very seriously because we know how important it is for the surrogate and intended parents to be on the same page. Learn more about the steps we take to guarantee a good match!

1. Surrogate Screening

It’s important to note that not everyone is accepted to be a surrogate. As a premier surrogacy agency, Family Creations is very selective about who is eligible to be a surrogate. All surrogate candidates must undergo a thorough assessment and screening before getting accepted. The screenings include interviews, background checks, medical reviews, psychological assessments, and more. The screening process can take several months to ensure that there are no health risks involved and protect both the intended parents and surrogates.

When we accept our surrogate candidates, we educate them about the details of the entire surrogacy matching process so they know exactly what to expect. There is also education for the intended parents, so they are aware of the process as well. The intention is to provide as much information as possible to ensure transparency throughout the surrogacy timeline. We don’t want there to be any surprises for either party.

2. Searching Surrogate Directory

Due to our many years of providing surrogate matching services, Family Creations has built up an expansive pool of surrogates designed to meet the needs of our intended parents. In addition to finding surrogates that meet standards for preferred physical characteristics, we also help intended parents sort through surrogate profiles that detail their upbringing and current home life, religious beliefs, contact preferences, and much more. The surrogacy matching process allows intended parents to be as particular as they want to find the perfect match. Then, when we have all the specifics the intended parents prefer, we send them a selection of profiles to explore.

3.  First Meeting

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Once the intended parents have found a few surrogates they connect with through the directory, setting up a meeting between the parents and the surrogate is standard to ensure compatibility. Both sides can ask more in-depth questions and decide whether there is a connection. At our surrogacy agency, you are not required to continue with a particular surrogate or set of intended parents if the meeting did not go as well as you hoped.

Our Standards

To help intended parents fulfill their dream of growing their family, Family Creations focuses on our three pillars of surrogacy: patience, diligence, and empathy. Ultimately, our success at matching surrogates with intended parents is due to listening. We make every effort to get to know our intended parents and surrogates, their beliefs, and their expectations. We listen to everyone’s needs to discover the right match in our database.

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by Julia McConnell on October 26, 2022