Are You Ready to be an Egg DonorAn egg donor is a woman who donates her fertile eggs to a recipient who suffers from infertility, low egg reserve or poor-quality eggs and is unable to produce her own healthy eggs to get pregnant on her own. Poor egg quality or unhealthy eggs may be due to age (early menopause), a genetic disorder or cancer (side effect of chemotherapy and/or radiation) that affects egg production.

With technological advances, egg donation and retrieval has become a very safe procedure. There are reliable and professional egg donation agencies that can guide you through process step by step. You can speak to your medical provider about side effects to any medications, but don’t worry, there are no significant health complications related to egg donation.

Egg donation makes it possible for some infertile women who want to get pregnant to have a baby with their partner’s sperm. An egg donor can make other’s hopes and dreams a reality by allowing infertile couples a chance to get pregnant and grow a baby together. For this reason, egg donors are compensated generously. However, egg donors need to adhere to specific criteria, such as medication and injections to stimulate ovaries to increase egg production. An egg donor needs to commit to appointments and lab work to check hormone levels to ensure to prepare for the extraction of the eggs. In addition, the egg donor must agree to participate in a psychological evaluation.

When an egg donor becomes part of the database, her education level, race and ethnicity, religion, and physical characteristics, such as eye and hair color or height is shared in a file. There is no identifying information in the file that could identify the egg donor.

There is no better feeling than helping a family grow. Have you thought long and hard and are ready to donate your eggs – to help a relative, a friend or a stranger – achieve their dream of having a child? If you would like to find out more about egg donation or if you are ready to be an egg donor, Family Creations can help you throughout the process.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023