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Below is a breakdown of the payments Surrogates can expect to receive throughout the surrogacy process.
Surrogate Compensation $35,000-$65,000 The Surrogate will begin receiving this payment starting on the first of the month following confirmation of pregnancy. The payment will be made in 10 increments of $3,500-$6,500. After giving birth, the Surrogate will receive a lump sum of the balance.
Surrogate Twin Compensation $5,000 Surrogate receives an extra $5,000 when a twin pregnancy occurs. She receives this payment in $1,000 installments beginning on the first of the fifth month of pregnancy, and continuing for 5 months.
Monthly Allowance $3,000 This is a non-accountable monthly expense reimbursement paid to the Surrogate at $200/month. This is to cover such things as mileage reimbursement for local appointments, lost wages prior to pregnancy, childcare, postage, telephone calls, faxing, non-prescription medication, etc.
Maternity Clothing $800 Paid to Surrogate at 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Embryo Transfer Fee $750 Surrogate will receive $750 for each embryo transfer procedure.
Medication Start Fee $500 Paid to the Surrogate at the start of injectable medications for each cycle including mock-cycles.
Estimated Lost Wages $TBD Family Creations will estimate 6 weeks of lost wages for the Surrogate and 5 days of lost wages for her husband/partner. Also, potentially paid over the course of the pregnancy are reimbursements for travel time, doctor-ordered bed rest, and post-partum recovery.
Day Care $3,000 Surrogate will receive reimbursement of up to $100 per day for child care when placed on doctor-ordered bed rest or when recommended by the physician.
House Cleaning $600 Surrogate will receive reimbursement of up to $100 per week for house cleaning when placed on doctor-ordered bed rest as well as between 36-41 weeks of pregnancy and two weeks post-delivery.  Receipt of services is required.
C-Section for Surrogate $2,000 Surrogate will receive an additional $2,000 if the delivery requires a C-section.
Invasive Procedure $500 Surrogate will receive $500 for each procedure such as amniocentesis (or other prenatal diagnostic testing), D&C, fetal reduction, or any procedure requiring anestesia, etc.
Surrogate's Loss of Reproductive Capabilities $4,000 Surrogate will receive an additional payment of $4,000 should she lose her fallopian tubes or uterus, or have a complete hysterectomy as a result of the surrogacy.
Breast Milk Pumping $TBD Surrogate may receive up to $250 a week, plus reimbursement for the cost of pump rental, supplies, and shipping. This must be mutually agreed upon.