Egg Donor Program

Family Creations is there for you every step of the way


Whether you are future parents or wish to become an egg donor or surrogate, put our experience and resources to work for you

Our compassion and our experience come through in everything we do. Some of the most recognized experts in fertility routinely work with Family Creations as their agency of choice:


Southern California Reproductive Center
California Fertility Partners
Texas Fertility Center
USC Fertility Center
Stanford Fertility & Reproductive Center



Many institutions, reproductive and fertility physicians and attorneys have trusted Family Creations Egg Donor Program over the years. The experts at Family Creations work hand in hand with your personal medical specialist to create the perfect match between parent and egg donor and/or surrogate. We make the entire process of egg donation and surrogacy comfortable and discrete.

Sensitivity to the concerns of our clients and their personal privacy is in our DNA.

Our reputation speaks volumes. In fact, egg donors come to Family Creations from all over the country. Their egg donation experience is so completely satisfying that many stay with us for multiple cycles. Our clients often refer their friends to Family Creations because of the extraordinary care we provide.

Family Creations draws the very best egg donors from our carefully assembled pool of over 400 pre-qualified women. Each egg donor in Family Creations' system:

  • Undergoes a thorough interview by our specialists
  • Is well educated on what to expect throughout the egg donation process
  • Provides a personal and family medical history
  • Thoroughly understands and accepts her egg donor responsibilities


Take the first serious step toward selecting an egg donor

We want to begin our relationship with you. Complete our brief, free and confidential Registration form. Upon completion, we'll give you a password to log into the confidential section of our Website.  There, you will be able to view profiles and photo galleries of the women who have chosen to work with Family Creations.

Family Creations' pre-qualified donors are our most honored resource. On admission to our egg donation program, we give you our trust; you have our confidence; and you enjoy our complete discretion.

Family Creations Egg Donation Program provides our egg donors with:

  • Extraordinarily meaningful part time work
  • Competitive compensation
  • The chance to immeasurably better someone's life
  • Thoroughly understands and accepts her egg donor responsibilities


The most asked question from our future donors is about safety. The fact is, egg retrieval is among the safest of all medical procedures. Facilities around the world perform the egg retrieval procedure every day without any incident or ill effects to the donor.

Let us help you make the decision to become an egg donor. Complete our brief application. Our trained and compassionate staff will contact you. We'll answer all your questions and guide you through every step of the Family Creations egg donation experience. Apply today!