Are you interested in helping to give the gift of life? Have you ever thought about becoming a surrogate to help others build a family? At Family Creations, we’re always seeking gestational surrogates throughout America. Whether you live in Arizona, Georgia, Maine, South Dakota, or California, hopeful parents everywhere need your help. Learn more about what it means to sign up to be a surrogate and how you can apply with Family Creations.

Qualifications for Surrogacy

Not everyone qualifies to be a surrogate. Because we want every pregnancy to be as successful as possible, you must meet specific health requirements as well as a basic financial threshold including:

  • Aged 20 and 40
  • BMI Between 19 and 30
  • United States Citizen
  • No Felony Convictions
  • No Smoking
  • No Antidepressants or Anxiety Medications
  • No Government Assistance

You must also have already undergone a healthy pregnancy and given birth without any pre-term delivery.

Process Overview

When you sign up to be a surrogate, Family Creations reviews your application right away. If you meet the basic requirements, you then undergo multiple screenings to guarantee your physical and mental health.

Once we accept you as a surrogate, you go into our database where potential parents search for their perfect match. Your profile will help intended parents decide whether you’re the right fit for them. You can also view intended parent profiles to ensure you have similar expectations from the surrogacy process.

Benefits of Surrogacy

empty baby cradle

As a surrogate, you’re helping others achieve their dreams of growing a family. Some parents can’t conceive due to medical conditions, while others have alternative family circumstances — like being a single parent or a same-sex couple — that prevent them from experiencing a conventional pregnancy.

Many women who sign up to be a surrogate find that simply helping others is enough for them, but there are other benefits for surrogates. Medical expenses are covered, and your time as a surrogate is compensated. While each case is different, you generally receive between $35,000 and $65,000, depending on the circumstances.

Is Surrogacy Right For You?

If you think that you qualify to sign up to be a surrogate and you would like to learn more about the surrogacy process, Family Creations wants to hear from you. We have clinics all over America and we’re available to speak with you in person, on the phone, or online. Reach out to us at any time!

There is no better feeling than helping give the gift of life to those who cannot achieve it on their own. Join our mission to help people grow their families when you apply now!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 5, 2023