Woman with fist in the air at sunset.
Woman with fist in the air at sunset.

Whether you’re a surrogate or an intended family, you can benefit from the  empowerment of surrogacy. Surrogacy benefits women with more control over their reproductive choices. Surrogacy and women’s rights have long been intertwined, and many women find it to be exceptionally meaningful work. Learn more about the benefits with insights by Family Creations.

  1. Control Over Your Body

One benefit of surrogacy for a woman is her control over her body and her choices. Surrogates can choose to carry a child for a family who needs help, and intended parents can choose to use surrogacy to grow their family.

  1. Work You Love

Another surrogacy benefit is that you can “work” at something you love. As a surrogate, you get to do something you’re passionate about while all of your medical expenses are covered. You even earn an additional fee for your emotional and physical generosity. Many women continue to work during their surrogacy allowing them to earn a significant income in addition to their regular income. 

  1. Family Despite Infertility

Surrogates aren’t the only ones who enjoy empowerment through surrogacy. Intended parents also get to enjoy the power of having control over their reproductive rights. An intended mother can choose to work with a surrogate if it is medically advised that she cannot or should not carry a pregnancy, and that’s her choice to make. Through the option of surrogacy, your rights as a woman are also protected.

  1. No Compulsive Heteronormativity
Loving Male Same Sex Couple Cuddling Baby Daughter In Bedroom At Home Together
Loving Male Same Sex Couple Cuddling Baby Daughter In Bedroom At Home Together

In addition to the battle over reproductive autonomy, the United States is also working to break free of traditional ideas about what it means to be a “normal” family. Some people still believe that only a man and a woman should be allowed to marry or raise children. Whether it’s religious conformity or social pressure, ideas about the “normal family” are changing.

Single Parents

In the past, it was challenging for a single person to prove that they had the money, stability, and means to provide for a child when they wanted to adopt. Surrogacy and egg donation weren’t even options they could consider. One of the benefits of surrogacy today is that we have evolved to recognize that single parents can also raise children.

Same-Sex Couples

Lesbian Couples smiling

It wasn’t so long ago that a same-sex couple couldn’t legally marry, let alone overcome the legal obstacles to adopting or having a child through surrogacy. With so many positive changes in the law, women’s rights and surrogacy laws have progressed to ensure that anyone can choose to have a child through third-party reproduction.  

Surrogacy at Family Creations

At Family Creations, we strive to help everyone achieve their dreams of a family while respecting their right to choose how they want to make it happen. Ready to get started? Reach out to us today and learn more about the benefits of surrogacy, apply to be a surrogate, or find a surrogate to help grow your family!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : September 15, 2023