LGBTQ Parenting

by Admin on August 3, 2018

Children thrive in stable environments that provide security, love, and consistency. What makes the most impact for nurturing and raising healthy children is surrounding them with caring family, friends and loved ones. It does not matter whether you are LGBTQ, heterosexual, single, or in a relationship; the research shows children thrive when there are positive role models throughout their upbringing.
The American Academy of Pediatrics supports LGBTQ parents who raise children through surrogacy, as well as adoption and foster care. The reason is, LGBTQ parents have to plan to raise a family by nontraditional methods such as in-vitro fertilization, surrogacy or sperm donors. This leads to a different dynamic of parenting since they can be more motivated and committed because they take the extra steps to have a family in the first place. They choose to be parents and this often takes a lot of time, effort and money.
When LGBTQ individuals or same-sex couples go through adoption measures, they tend to adopt children over the age of three, which is a difficult age, as well as special needs children. Adopted children with at least one gay parent report that they grew up in an environment that made them more tolerant and accepting of everyone, regardless of sexual status or race. Children of LGBTQ and same-sex couples are successful in school, get good grades and are confident.
Every child is different, so bringing them up in a family that supports and accepts them is an important factor that may be present in households with a gay or lesbian parent.
If you are single or in a relationship and are interested in finding out more about starting a family, reach out to our professionals. We are here to answer your questions and help guide you through the process.

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