We work with many same-sex couples who have decided they want to have a baby. There are a variety of treatment options to assist with conception, one of which is reciprocal in vitro fertilization. With reciprocal IVF, both female partners are given the opportunity to mutually be a part of conceiving their child.  This allows lesbian couples to both to undergo treatment at the same time so that they are equally bonded to their child.

One partner is the egg donor and supplies the eggs for IVF, while the other is the gestational carrier who will give birth to the baby. The female that will donate her eggs will go through a procedure to extract the eggs from her ovaries so that they can be fertilized by the sperm.  The other female partner will be prepped for the embryos to be transferred to her uterus so she can carry the baby to term. Another option is to freeze the embryos that are created and transfer them to the female after hormone treatment is complete. In general, the process mirrors a typical IVF cycle and is similar in cost for a cycle of IVF, fertility medications, etc.  Costs for reciprocal IVF are estimated to range from $16,000 to $30,000 depending on your specific situation. You should also consider any legal costs that may be associated depending on the state you live in.

Same-sex couples who may want a second child can reverse the roles for the next process so that each has a biological relationship with one child while also getting to experience giving birth. We are here to help guide you with any answers to your questions about treatment options for same-sex couples. If you’re ready to start a family, our fertility experts are here.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : June 28, 2023