How Intended Parents and Gestational Surrogates Handle Twin Pregnancy

Parents and their twin boys from a surrogate pregnancy

For some would-be-parents, having twins may be a dream come true. Perhaps one parent is a twin themselves and would like to recreate that special bond with their children. Maybe the individual or couple would like to have two children but cannot space the births over time. Whatever the reason, a very common question posed to our surrogacy team at Family Creations is the possibility of twins by surrogacy. Can a surrogate carry a twin pregnancy?
For all intended parents interested in having twins, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Read on to learn more.

How to Have Twins by Surrogacy: The Process Explained

Twins may develop because of a natural and unintended split of the fertilized egg (which results in identical twins). Intended parents may also choose to implant two separate embryos during the IVF (in vitro fertilization) process to create a twin pregnancy via their surrogate.

Why Same-Sex Parents Consider Twins by Surrogacy

For same-sex male couples, pursuing a twin pregnancy via a surrogate can afford the chance for each partner to share a genetic connection with one of the children through in vitro fertilization. In this case, both partners would genetically be the father of one of the children. Although born together as twins, the children would genetically be half-siblings.

How Twins or Multiples Occur in Pregnancy

When contracting with a gestational surrogate, the best option for creating twins or multiples involves multiple embryo transfers. In this option, the intended parent(s)’ reproductive endocrinologists evaluate the embryo quality to ensure that the healthiest ones are implanted in the surrogate’s uterus. Evaluating for health and viability helps ensure the pregnancy will develop and be brought to term. When two or more embryos are high quality, the surrogate may use these additional embryos to carry twins or multiples. It’s important to note that the odds of success for implanting two or more embryos are lower than for implanting a single embryo. But success for you and your surrogate will result in a twin gestational pregnancy.

Surrogate Health Concerns Associated with Twins and Multiples

Young surrogacy twin girls play with baby ducks

When any woman, surrogate or biological mother, carries twins or multiples the health risks and potential dangers increase.
When considering twins by surrogacy, the risks for the following increase:

  • Premature delivery
  • The need to give birth by Cesarean section
  • Lower than average birth weight for the baby
  • The surrogate mother developing preeclampsia, placental abruption, or gestational diabetes

Because of these risks, surrogacy contracts for twins or multiples are often much more complex and costly. Family Creations can help you determine what options are available to ensure the safest experience for your gestational surrogate.

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by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023