Being LGBTQ+ does not mean you can’t have kids of your own. There are many options for people of the LGBTQ+ community. Some choose to adopt or foster a child, while others feel the need to have their own biological child. Learn more about gay couples and surrogacy at Family Creations today.

Surrogacy for Gay Couples

When it comes to gay parenting options, surrogacy is a viable solution to help you build your family with a biologically-related child. During this process, a surrogate will carry the baby for the couple. For a family with two mothers, the egg is donated by one of the intended parents, while a family with two fathers has a donor egg fertilized by one of their own sperm. Couples made up of two males may have a somewhat more complex journey, as depending on what state you live in, the egg donor and the surrogate may need to be two different women.

We Support Gay Parenting

Family Creations always recommends making sure that your agency and your surrogate support your choices and align with your values. At our clinic, we have a wide pool of surrogate options to ensure that you can find someone who is LGBTQ+ friendly. As you explore potential surrogates, read a little about their life and their beliefs to connect with the right person.

It’s also extremely important for gay couples who consider surrogacy to obtain legal advice regarding surrogate and egg donor agreements for your own protection throughout the process. We can recommend local lawyers and help you set up appointments for consultations and more.

Compassion at Family Creations

When you choose Family Creations, you’re choosing an agency that does more than just support gay parenting and alternative lifestyles — we treat every one of our clients equally. Our compassionate and professional manner is one of the reasons so many of our former clients love us! Becoming a parent is an important decision and our team wants to offer you the support and guidance you need for your surrogacy journey.

Please contact us today with any questions you may have about building a family of your own.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : June 26, 2023