Coping With Summer Heat While Pregnant

by Admin on August 23, 2018

Pregnancy during the summer is hard, we feel you. It can be brutal dealing with the heat and humidity. We want to provide some tips to make your summer pregnancy more tolerable.

First and foremost, it is important to stay hydrated. In the summer months, you should be drinking a daily minimum of 8 cups of water. Fluids, especially water, provides essential nutrition for the baby and helps to remove waste from your body. You may also find that when you drink enough water and are sufficiently hydrated, your body will cool off quicker and also eliminate water retention so you will be less puffy and constipated.

Take advantage of the summer months and go to the beach or pool to cool off. Swimming and/or water aerobics can provide relief from the heat as well as great exercise which helps to relieve pressure on your joints. Consult your medical provider before starting any new exercise regimen. You can also take a cool, relaxing bath at home and hang out in the tub for a while. The bath will help cool you down and give your body a break.

Another tip is to wear loose fit clothing, such as a flowing maxi-dress or maternity shorts, to help keep you cool. Clothing that is too tight can make you feel uncomfortable by restricting your breathing.

Make sure to take it easy, rest and keep your feet up during these hot months.  The heat can add to swelling in the legs and feet which can be uncomfortable. Stay indoors with a fan or air conditioning and use a cold towel over your legs to reduce swelling.

Enjoy your pregnancy and stay cool!

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