Is Pregnancy Brain Real?

by Admin on April 2, 2018

Many pregnant women joke about pregnancy brain or mommy brain, explained as minor memory lapses (others claim it is similar to short-term amnesia) that is a side effect of pregnancy. Pregnancy brain can include forgetting words or things, mixing up what to say, and misplacing items. It is common for pregnant women to experience this phenomenon which seems to cloud the brain.

According to research, pregnancy brain is legit! This so-called mommy brain may make you feel like you are losing your mind or that you have a few screws loose, but this is only temporary. Don’t worry, you will start remembering where you put your keys and you may even stop putting the cereal in the fridge.

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One study from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia revealed that pregnant women do experience impaired or declined cognitive function. This research was based on 20 different studies with 709 pregnant women and 521 non-pregnant women. The conclusion was that pregnant women do have maternally-induced memory issues and decreased cognitive and executive functions compared to women who were not pregnant. In addition, it was cited that mommy brain is most prevalent during the third trimester. This now makes perfect sense!

Granted, there is still additional research needed to identify what impact this has on the pregnancy. At least now you can take action if you forget to do something for work or if you miss your doctor appointment. You can be more aware and plan accordingly so that pregnancy brain doesn’t slow you down or affect your day-to-day routine.

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