Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful gift you can provide an individual with. Just knowing  you were involved in part of someone’s life that gave them a second chance at a family is an achievable and heartfelt feeling. Here at Family Creations, we make it our responsibility to ensure that our egg donors and surrogates are in good health, are safe, and doing well.  It’s our priority to ensure that all of our surrogates can look back on their experience and feel positive about the journey.   Here are a few helpful tips that you can practice at home during the process.

How To Mentally and Physically Prepare Your Body

The first thing our team suggests you do is try to eat as healthy as possible, and stay hydrated. It is extremely important for you to be nourished during this process, and doing this will help promote a healthy pregnancy. Since babies need a specific diet before they are born, it is important to speak with an OBGYN about nutrition.

surrogate mother

Types Of Foods To Eat When Being A Surrogate:

Protein is a big factor in what you should be eating, such as chicken, cooked fish, broccoli, greek yogurt, eggs, etc. and is something that a growing baby really needs to stay healthy.

Iron is also very important, and foods like kale, spinach, mushrooms, beans, and more are great intakes for your body and baby.

Vitamin C includes all natural orange juice, healthy berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, as well as fruits that contain high citrus (oranges, lemons).

Calcium is very important as well, and this includes different dairy products and specific vegetables.

Keeping your body hydrated constantly throughout the day is just as important as eating well. Plenty of water throughout the day will promote a healthier body for you and the baby.

Next, keeping active at least three times per week will keep your blood circulated. Doing lighter workouts such as yoga, pilates, or dance can strengthen your body while keeping the baby out of harm’s way. Just by staying active and moving around a few times a week will have you feeling better throughout the process.  Please do this under the guidance of a physician.

Lastly, to promote your mental health during the process, we suggest you take time to yourself at least once or twice a week to do the things you love. Reading a book can be rejuvenating and peaceful, and will keep you spiritually prepared. Relaxing at the beach or getting pampered can also greatly help with the relaxing process, so you can prepare yourself for the future.

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by jmcconnell on August 14, 2017