My Two Dads

by Admin on September 5, 2017

In today’s world the modern family isn’t what it used to be. Whether gay or straight, an increasing rate of males desire to have biological children. No longer does homosexuality equate to childlessness. More and more, same sex (and LGBTQ+) couples are having families with the help of surrogacy and this is becoming the new norm of modern parenthood. In fact, there is a new term associated with this, the “gayby boom”.
Gay parenting comes with many barriers to having biological children. Some of these include discrimination, lack of information, legal implications and considerations, high costs of family planning and societal pressures. And, the journey may be long and requires patience. However, one thing remains true, we see that gay men who intentionally want to build their family are truly dedicated to bringing a baby into a loving and caring home. We want to be part of creating that beautiful family unit every step of the way!
There are so many technological advances in surrogacy which provide choices to those who are committed to the process. Biological parenting for gay men entails having an egg donor and a surrogate to carry the pregnancy to term.
Our team is here to address your questions and concerns in a confidential, empathetic and sensitive manner. We are here to make your dream of having a child a possibility and to become great dads!

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