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The first meeting between intended parents and a surrogate is full of emotion and charged with energy. As a surrogate, you want to make a good impression. You may feel both excited and nervous at the same time!

Meeting the IPs is a huge step in your surrogate journey, but don’t be intimidated! Take a deep breath and relax. Being a surrogate can be one of the most meaningful experiences of your life. Read our surrogate guidelines to prepare for a fun meeting!

  1. Prepare Yourself

Before your first meeting with the intended parents, take some time to prepare answers for questions they might ask. You might have some questions of your own! Review the parents’ profile and jot down a couple of questions or ideas to discuss during your meeting.

One helpful tip: if you’re meeting virtually, remember to charge your laptop or electronic device. You’d hate for your battery to die and cut the meeting short!

  1. Trust in the Process
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Both you and the intended parents have had a chance to review multiple profiles before deciding on this meeting. Trust in Family Creations’ process and give yourself time to get to know them. Some meetings can feel a little odd at first — you’re discussing some of the most intimate parts of life — but let our team be your guide to find the perfect match for your surrogacy experience

We’ve been matching IPs and surrogates for years, and our team knows exactly what they’re doing!

  1. Keep it Light

It can be tempting to come to the first meeting with a list of topics to discuss, but let conversational etiquette be your guiding light. Avoid discussing any legal or financial elements of your relationship, and focus on getting to know each other. Family Creations is here to handle the details, and you’ll have future meetings. Let this be the opportunity to connect with each other.

Some good conversation topics to consider include:

  • Family and home life
  • Background and history
  • Lifestyle and hobbies
  • Favorite activities

These aren’t just surrogate guidelines! These are some of the questions that the intended parents should be asking you, too. Share your own experiences and discuss what made you consider surrogacy.

  1. Listen to Each Other
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Having a ton of nervous energy going into this meeting could cause you to take over the conversation. The intended parents might even end up doing the same! Take a deep breath and recenter. Follow the natural flow of the conversation. Let the intended parents talk, and when appropriate, ask questions yourself to keep the conversation engaging.

  1. Open Up About Yourself

Surrogacy is an incredibly personal experience that you get to share with two other people. This meeting is an opportunity to begin building a relationship with them! You can be open and honest about your hopes and desires. The intended parents can also share their feelings about the process and their dreams for the future. Building a connection with the IPs can make the experience even richer and more rewarding.

  1. Be Yourself
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Your surrogate profile led these specific intended parents to choose you as the right match. Now it’s time to let your personality shine! Remember that they may be just as nervous as you are about making a great first impression. They have their own nerves. Being yourself can help them feel more comfortable and open up to you.

Being yourself helps the conversation flow naturally, and it helps you form a relationship with the IPs based on honesty, openness, and genuine feeling.

Surrogacy with Family Creations

At Family Creations, we’re here to provide advice and guidelines for surrogates and intended parents. Our expertise in all aspects of surrogacy makes us the agency of choice for new and experienced surrogates alike. We’re here for you from the moment of your application until the birth.
If you have any questions about being a surrogate, explore our blog. Looking for additional advice and assistance? Reach out to our team at any time!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 3, 2023