Becoming a surrogate for someone else often involves more than just the surrogate and the intended parents. Many people on both sides will find out about the arrangement and discover more about the process. As a surrogate, you might find that family and friends are concerned about your choice, but you can inspire many people with your generous decision to donate your time, body, and reproductive abilities to help others grow their family. Learn more about how your surrogacy experience can inspire your friends and family when you explore this blog from Family Creations today.

  1. Become Your Support System
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While there are a number of surrogacy pros, the process can be demanding — both physically and emotionally. Surrogates need a strong support system during every part of the surrogacy process. When friends and family hear of your decision, they may be inspired to become part of your support system.

The intended parents can be a good place to start when building your support system, but your more intimate relationships and people who have known you much longer will also be effective. A support system is there to help you cope with stressful situations, boost your confidence, provide a safe space for you to talk about your feelings, and ensure you feel safe and secure.

Many people aren’t sure about the surrogacy experience, but once someone close to them becomes a surrogate, they often change their minds. Having a friend, daughter, or sister who has chosen surrogacy urges them to support you and your needs at every turn. Not everyone will understand or support your decision to be a surrogate, so build your support system out of people who are actually supportive.

  1. Be More Giving
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The surrogacy experience is a very generous and giving act on the surrogate’s side. As a surrogate, you are giving another family the opportunity to experience so much joy and happiness through your generosity. Friends and family who see your generosity may in turn become more generous themselves. Whether it’s something extravagant — like giving thousands to a charity — or something small — like being kinder to those around them — you’re setting an example for others.

When you continue to be graceful and kind under the pressure of the surrogacy experience, everyone around you is inspired to be better and do more good. Share your difficulties and concerns when asked, so others can see that you’re providing this service — this act of extreme kindness — despite all the obstacles and hurdles in your way. Show people that you can be a better person even when you have your own challenges.

  1. Learning More
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Many people don’t know a lot about alternative family planning. Whether it’s egg donation or the surrogacy experiences, they just don’t have all the facts. Watching someone close to them choose to become a surrogate will push them to learn more about the process and the reasoning behind it. They’ll learn about why many couples need surrogates to build a family and why other mothers choose to give of themselves to fulfill another family’s hopes and dreams.

Simply learning more about surrogacy makes it less of a taboo and allows people seeking help having children to come forward and choose this process for themselves. There are many people who are embarrassed about needing assistance to build their families. If those around you learn more about the surrogacy process, they make the topic less forbidden and strange — changing the perception of alternative family planning for everyone.

  1. Choose to Become a Surrogate

In some cases, your friends and family may learn about the surrogacy pros and cons and choose to become one themselves. So many women discover how fulfilling surrogacy can be by watching someone close to them undergo the surrogacy experience. Can you imagine being the inspiration for another woman to give so much of herself to help others?

If there is anyone you know who may be interested in becoming a surrogate due to your experience, tell them all about some of the surrogacy pros, including:

  • Helping infertile couples have a child
  • Giving intended parents a chance to have a biological child
  • Allowing others to discover the joy of raising a child
  • Experiencing personal satisfaction and pride
  • Bonding with other couples
  • Developing friendships in the surrogate community

It’s important for people to understand that while surrogates do have their medical expenses covered and receive compensation, this is not the reason many choose surrogacy. In fact, you must prove financial security and independence when you apply to become a surrogate.

The Surrogacy Experience with Us

At Family Creations, we strive to bring together surrogates with intended parents that will be the perfect match. We want to ensure that the surrogacy experience is as positive as possible for everyone involved. Many surrogates share their experience with their significant other and close friends. Discover what you can inspire in your friends and family through your surrogacy today.
When you’re ready to make a decision about becoming a surrogate or finding a surrogate, Family Creations can help. Our team has decades of experience helping others achieve their dreams of a family. Reach out to us today to tell us about your goals and learn more about what we can do for you.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 4, 2023