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Many women struggle with infertility, unable to conceive successfully, even with medically-assisted reproduction and new interventions. Infertility can be detrimental to your mental and physical health, but you’re not alone. Many women experience secondary infertility, or infertility after pregnancy. It does not have to be a silent and painful struggle.

At Family Creations, we never want you to feel negative emotions about your fertility. We help intended parents overcome infertility and other challenges to build a healthy, happy family. Learn how we helped one couple through secondary infertility.

The Pain of Infertility

One couple experienced three years of in-vitro fertilization, medications, procedures, and more in an attempt to conceive. Even once they became pregnant, they suffered a devastating miscarriage. Despite their persistence, there was no second pregnancy.

Another Path

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After realizing that they couldn’t conceive, this couple decided to seek out an alternative. They opted for egg donation through Family Creations to build their family.

After selecting one of our egg donors, they had their first successful pregnancy! After their long journey, they finally experienced the joy of growing the family they desired.

Another Chance

After their assisted pregnancy through Family Creations, they decided to try to conceive a second child. Fear of secondary infertility is real, but a natural conception has led them to be cautiously optimistic that this path will lead to a growing family. With everything they’ve gone through, their happiness is well deserved!

Infertility After Pregnancy

After having your first baby, you may think that getting pregnant again will be much easier. While we want you to stay positive, keep in mind that each pregnancy is different, and there are no guarantees. Treat each attempt as another chapter of your dreams, hopes, and prayers of a family.

Family Creations knows that many couples experience similar challenges. Many intended parents struggle to conceive — whether it’s their first, second, or third pregnancy. If you’re in a similar situation, reach out to our team to learn about your options for growing your family. 

Secondary infertility isn’t the end of the road. Let Family Creations help you grow your family.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 5, 2023