Body Mass Index (BMI)

by Admin on June 17, 2016

Bass mass index (BMI), aka those three little letters (and a few too many/too little pounds) that may be keeping you from pursuing your desire to become an egg donor or surrogate mother. BMI is calculated by an algorithm that takes an individual’s height and weight, and provides a value that is an indicator of the individual’s body fat. What’s your BMI?

Potential Surrogate BMI must be between 19-33

Potential Egg Donor BMI must be between 19-28

BMI – Classification

Below 18.5 – Underweight

18.5-24.9 – Normal

25-29.9 – Overweight

30-39 – Class 1 and 2 Obesity

40 and higher – Class 3 Obesity

For Donors: Being under or over weight affects egg quality. Statistics show that egg retrievals are less likely to be successful when the woman has a BMI of less than 19 or over 28.

For Surrogates: The doctors set these limits for a variety of medical reasons, but the most common include:

  • Gestational diabetes. Women with a BMI that falls in the obese range are more likely to develop gestational diabetes than are women with a lower BMI.
  • Preeclampsia. Increased risk of developing preeclampsia. A pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, often the kidneys.
  • Infection. Increased risk of urinary tract infections. Obesity also increases the risk of postpartum infection, whether the baby is delivered vaginally or by C-section.
  • Overdue pregnancy. Obesity increases the risk that pregnancy will continue beyond the expected due date.
  • Labor problems. Increased risk of labor induction and interference of pain medication (such as an epidural block).
  • C-section. Increase in the likelihood of elective and emergency C-sections. Also an increase in the risk of C-section complications, such as wound infections.
  • Pregnancy loss. Obesity increases the risk of miscarriage.

We would like for our egg donor and surrogate applicants to be aware that if you have been disqualified from our program due to your BMI that it truly has nothing to do with your appearance and it is not for vanity reasons.  It’s just that the facts about the correlation between BMI and infertility are overwhelming.

If you would like to become an egg donor or surrogate but you are over or under the BMI, check back in often as our in-house Nutritional Therapist will be posting nutrition tips and recipes on our blog that will guide you through making health and lifestyle changes towards your goal of a healthy BMI!

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