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Reasons for a C-Section and What to Expect

Some people think that a C-section is a more straightforward method to deliver a baby than vaginal delivery. People may assume this because you can work with your doctor to choose your C-section date. The ability to schedule the baby’s delivery date may seem like an ideal way to avoid any surprises or ensure that your obstetrician and family members will be by your side. The fact that nearly a third of all births in the United States are delivered by C section can also reinforce the perception of this procedure as a routine and safe option.

Potential Risks of a C-Section Delivery

While one reason for a C-section may be its convenience, the truth is that the C-section experience is not generally a preferred alternative to vaginal delivery. The C-section procedure is considered major surgery and poses certain risks for the mother and unborn baby. Women can be prone to infection or complications such as hemorrhaging, and there is a longer and more challenging recovery period.

Another potential disadvantage of the C-section procedure is that future children will likely need to be delivered in the same way. Many hospitals offering maternity services will not allow women who have undergone a C-section to experience vaginal delivery. For women who wish to have many children, undergoing repeat cesarean births can increase their risk of complications.

Medical Reasons for a C-Section

While there are certain risks, there are also reasons why a C-section may be medically necessary. One example would be situations involving conditions such as placenta previa, where natural labor would induce hemorrhaging or cord prolapse. This is also true with preeclampsia, where blood pressure spikes can lead to an emergency during labor. In instances such as these, a medically necessary C-section may save both the mother’s and the baby’s lives.

The C-Section Experience Versus the Vaginal Delivery Experience

There is nothing simple about the process of undergoing a C-section. Some women may feel upset that they didn’t deliver vaginally. However, for women with certain medical conditions, the surgery may be necessary to maintain everyone’s safety.

Work with Family Creations

The reasons for choosing a C-section can be complex. Having intentional conversations with your doctor and family will help to ensure you make the best choices. Contact us today to learn more about surrogacy and find out if it’s right for you. We’re here to help you build a happy, healthy family!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023