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At Family Creations, we’ve seen many couples and single parents go through the process of surrogacy. We’ve heard their stories and struggles — many only coming to us after trying other avenues to find surrogates. As a professional agency, we know what it takes to find the right surrogate for you. We’re also experts at every step of the process once you’ve found the right surrogate. From medical appointments to psychological evaluations, our team is here for the intended parents throughout the entire journey. Read on to discover some of the top benefits of working with a surrogacy agency.

1. An Agency Will Prescreen Surrogates

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You don’t have to be a surrogacy expert when you choose to work with a surrogacy agency. An agency does all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Once you decide to work with an agency, you get access to a database of pre-screened candidates for surrogacy.

Your agency team reviews a potential surrogate’s medical history, mental state, and qualifications to ensure that they’re a good match for the surrogate process. They also help you create a parent profile to ensure you find a surrogate that has the same values and goals as your family.

2. An Agency Will Take Care of Legal Matters and Payments

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There are a lot of different legal aspects that need to be taken care of throughout the surrogacy process. When you work with a surrogacy agency, you get a team that is familiar with the contracts, insurance policies, and other legal needs that you’ll find are necessary. Having someone on your side that’s an expert in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law can streamline the coordination and communication between intended parents, the surrogate, and your program manager. Some of the most important legal paperwork you’ll need drawn up include:

  • Pre-birth and post-birth orders
  • Surrogacy payment contracts
  • Wills and estate planning

3. An Agency Will Schedule Appointments and Medical Needs

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Since pregnancy typically requires a number of health screenings and other medical appointments, it can be difficult for a couple to keep up with everything their surrogate needs. When you work with a surrogacy agency, they take care of everything for your surrogate outside of your fertility clinic. The OB/GYN, primary physician, and hospital where your baby is born is all managed by our team. From assisting in the selection of doctors and making appointments to payments that need to be made on your behalf, you don’t have to worry about any of it.

4. An Agency Will Coordinate Psychological Assessments and Support

One of the most important aspects of choosing and monitoring your surrogate includes periodic psychological assessments and support that ensure your surrogate is in a healthy mental state throughout the surrogacy journey. Before any potential surrogate is added to our database, they undergo a psychological screening that validates their stability. An agency will also coordinate support for your surrogate throughout the surrogacy journey.

Working with a surrogacy agency guarantees a professional evaluation to put your mind at ease, and safeguard the surrogate’s mental health at all times.

5. An Agency Will Provide Mediation and Support

As an intended parent or a surrogate, you don’t want to be focusing on external factors like appointments and insurance policies. You should be thinking about building a relationship with each other and planning for the new baby’s care as they enter this world. When you choose to work with a surrogacy agency, you get to keep your relationship personal without having to worry about fees, stipends, travel arrangements, or day to day organization. An agency will minimize the stress and friction between parents and surrogates by managing the more business-like aspects of the IP/surrogate bond.

Having a Support Team

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Having the assistance and support of a knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals can really simplify the entire surrogacy process. From screening and matching to medical appointments and legal support, working with a surrogacy agency eliminates so much of the headache. No matter what hurdles life throws your way, our agency has the experience, tools, and staff to effectively handle every situation. Learn more about how Family Creations can help you grow your family when you reach out to us today.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 4, 2023