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Applying to become an egg donor is a beautiful way to help others bring children into their families. For women who wish to start or grow their families but are unable to, receiving an egg donation is an incredible lifeline.

Many women are curious about this procedure and wonder if egg donation is safe. These questions are essential, and at Family Creations, we take them very seriously. This article should alleviate any concerns you might have about egg donation and explain all the safety precautions that exist to protect egg donors.

Is Egg Donation a Safe Procedure?

The women who work with Family Creations have thought long and hard about becoming egg donors. We respect their commitment and provide detailed information at every step so that they can make informed decisions.

First, we want to make sure that egg donation is safe for you to undertake. That’s one of the reasons why you will complete a detailed questionnaire about your medical, genetic, and mental health history. All egg donors must have a physical examination with a doctor and laboratory tests to screen for certain diseases and genetic conditions and assess their reproductive hormone levels. All medical procedures are reviewed with you, and any potential side effects will be discussed.

Are There Possible Side Effects?

The short answer is yes. Egg donation is a safe procedure, but, as with any medical procedure, you may experience some mild side effects. Following the procedure, some donors may feel bloated or experience abdominal or breast tenderness and swelling until their next menstrual period. Moderate or severe side effects are very rare. 

Does Egg Donation Deplete My Eggs?

No. The egg donation procedure will not negatively impact your ability to have children in the future. Women are born, on average, with around 2 million eggs. Each month, the body will release one egg during ovulation. Fertility medications used in the egg donation process prevent the body from discarding any excess eggs.

If I Become An Egg Donor, Can I Still Work Or Attend School?

Yes, absolutely! While being an egg donor requires a strict schedule for pre-procedure medication and medical appointments, most women continue their everyday lives without difficulty.

Family Creations: Safe Egg Donation and Surrogacy Services

At Family Creations, we understand the questions women have about egg donation, and we’re here to help answer all of them. Contact us today to learn more about our application process. Our experienced team is made up of seasoned professionals who love working with future egg donors throughout the United States. We encourage you to learn more about us and reach out when you have questions or wish to start the application process.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : June 27, 2023