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To become a surrogate with Family Creations, you must have already had at least one pregnancy, which means you know all about the fatigue and morning sickness that accompanies the first trimester, the extra energy in the second trimester, and the big belly and heartburn of the third. Or perhaps you were one of the lucky women who never experienced heartburn or morning sickness. You’re more than familiar with the mood swings, food cravings, and food aversions. Women can have similar experiences between pregnancies or completely different ones. While surrogacy pregnancy can seem daunting, it’s really no different than any other pregnancy. Here’s what to expect when you’re pregnant through the process of surrogacy.

How Does Surrogate Pregnancy Work?

The child you will carry will have no genetic relation to you. The intended parents may use a combination of their own eggs and sperm, or donor eggs and donor sperm. The eggs are fertilized in a lab and the embryos are formed. These embryos can be implanted within the surrogate via IVF or frozen for future pregnancies. The intended parents will accompany you throughout the entire pregnancy journey, depending on your desired level of involvement, and you will watch through ultrasounds as the child develops.

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The IVF Process

While you’re familiar with what to expect when you’re pregnant by the traditional method, the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process is a little different. During the embryo transfer, you will be given a mild sedative and may experience some cramping. A doctor will insert a catheter with an attached syringe into your uterus to deposit the embryo(s). About a week later, your doctor will test your blood to see if your surrogacy pregnancy has been sustained. During the process, you will need to take progesterone for several months. These are usually self-administered shots that your doctor will teach you to administer correctly.

A Surrogacy Pregnancy is Just Like Any Other

During your first pregnancy, you experienced all the usual ups and downs of this incredible process, like morning sickness and mood swings, as well as taking tests for concerns like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. These experiences help you know what to expect when you’re pregnant by surrogacy, although it’s normal for different pregnancies to vary somewhat. Your food cravings may be different this time around, and you may have more or less morning sickness or heartburn. If you had more than one embryo inserted during the IVF process, you may have a higher chance of multiple babies.

Choose Family Creations

How does surrogacy pregnancy work financially? At Family Creations, we take care of the finances and pay you a rewarding sum so you can stay home and nurture your own family. Surrogacy pregnancy is a wonderful way to help a couple in need while you and your family thrive. Contact Family Creations to learn more about what to expect when you’re pregnant as a surrogate, then submit your surrogate application to get started.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 2, 2023