Can you become a surrogate if you have never had children? In short, the answer is no. And there’s a good reason for that! Keep reading to learn about why pregnancy comes first, surrogacy comes second.

You Need to Know What to Expect First

A lot of different factors come into play when you’re considering surrogacy. Without prior pregnancy, a woman has no medical history to help predict what future pregnancies might be like and no way of knowing what experiences pregnancy will likely hold for them. Some women may face medical problems that won’t be revealed until pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, post-partum depression, and preeclampsia. For women who want to help others become parents, there is a lot to think through, and we at Family Creations prioritize the health of every surrogate candidate. Deciding to become a surrogate is one of the most beautiful ways one person can help another. However, it also requires selflessness and commitment. 

You’ll Only Have One First

When surrogacy is a part of the process, we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. That’s why, as professionals, we recommend that women without prior pregnancy defer surrogacy. We want to make sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of, the surrogate and the new family-to-be. Your first pregnancy is a very special time in which your hormones will cause emotional ups and downs, you’ll bond with the baby who’s kicking inside you, and you’ll suffer through the morning sickness, body aches, stretch marks, heartburn, swelling, and other symptoms just to gaze into your little one’s eyes for the first time. It’s a first experience you will love and cherish forever!     

Clinics Will Not Accept Surrogacy without Prior Pregnancy

Ultimately, it is a standard policy that surrogacy clinics will not accept women who have never given birth before. We want to make sure our surrogates can carry out a healthy pregnancy. We want to rule out possible medical risks, threats, or complications during the pregnancy and delivery. Therefore, we need to know that a healthy pregnancy is possible, and one way to make sure is knowing that the surrogate candidate has successfully given birth to a thriving baby!

These guidelines for surrogacy without prior pregnancy are put in place to ensure that our surrogates know what they are getting themselves into and that they fully understand what the process and commitment entail. At Family Creations, we are always here for you at every step of the way to answer questions and to guide you through the wonderful process of surrogacy after the first pregnancy. If you have already given birth and want to help others grow their own families, you could be a great fit for our surrogate program. Apply today to get started!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 7, 2023