My Two Dads: Gay Fathers Have Much to Celebrate

by Admin on August 11, 2016

Recently NBC News posted an article on the emotional experience of becoming parents as same-sex male couples. There are many ways that gay fathers enter their journey into parenthood such as egg donation, surrogacy, adoption, and even some that became parents while in previous heterosexual relationships. No matter the route they took to create their families, these men all had one thing in common- their deep desire to become fathers.

In this heartwarming video, several gay fathers share their stories of the path they took to becoming parents.

Brian Rosenberg and Ferd van Gameren, pictured below with their son and two daughters, started the website, an online community that offers support to gay men in navigating fatherhood.

“When people outside of the gay community see gay … and lesbian families, they see we are exactly the same – we go to the same school, we go to the meetings after school, we take our kids to sports or play dates,” explains Rosenberg. van Gameren added, “[Heterosexual parents] look at you with your kid and immediately think, I get that“.

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