Let’s face it, egg donors are paid well. Through egg donation, women can earn a pretty penny. Many companies generously compensate egg donors an average of $7,000 for the first egg donation and this amount often increases for each subsequent successful donation. The truth is, we would like our egg donors to be just as concerned about helping infertile couples as they are concerned with making money.  We are dedicated to matching donors with care and compassion and we choose our donors carefully.

Understanding Egg Donating

Women interested in donating eggs really need to understand that there will be a baby out there that is part of them. Coming to terms and being psychologically ready for egg donation is a big part of the process. These decisions have to be understood and made before going through it just for the money.  Unfortunately, there are cases of women who donate their eggs and end up regretting their decision.  There is a strict regimen of fertility drugs, birth control pills and medication, blood drawing, an egg retrieval process that can cause cramping and discomfort, and anesthesia side effects to consider.

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If you are seriously considering egg donation to assist infertile couples, our team will support you through the process from beginning to end. We understand this is a big decision and we will compassionately answer all your questions and keep all your information confidential.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023