Selecting Your Egg Donor

Merging modern computer technology with care and


Simplifying the decision of selecting an egg donor

Selecting the perfect egg donor is part art and part science. Family Creations provides the science through our detailed, automated sorting capabilities over a vast egg donor pool that is growing every day. The art is where you come in.

What attributes of your egg donor are important to you? Body type? Hair and eye color? Perhaps educational background or family heritage? Family Creations allows you to quickly sort through our pool of egg donors to find a group of women who most closely match your wishes.




Your online selection process continues as you:

  • See clear and complete photos of each candidate
  • Review comprehensive profiles on each candidate
  • Refine your pool of egg donor or surrogate candidates
  • Make your decision on the egg donor with whom you wish to work

Once you've made your selection

Each egg donor in our qualified pool of exceptional women receives a status classification.
There are three classifications:



  • Available
  • Reserved
  • In cycle

Available Egg Donors

These women are Available to begin an egg donation cycle immediately. When an Available candidate meets your selection standards, please contact our office right away. We will show you how to retain Family Creations as your agency and how to Reserve one specific candidate for one week.

During this time, you will likely reflect on all the qualities that this candidate offers. You have sufficient time to be certain this extraordinary woman is The One.

For parents hoping to begin an egg donor cycle as soon as possible, those candidates classed as Available are the best ones to consider.


Reserved Egg Donors

Perhaps you are interested in an egg donor candidate classed as Reserved. That means that one of Family Creations' clients has already committed to hold that potential egg donor for one week while they make their final choice. Not all women who are Reserved move on to being In-Cycle egg donors. You can still call our offices to hold a place on that candidate's waiting list. If and when she becomes available again, we'll notify you.

In-Cycle Egg Donors

These candidates are matched with intended parents and are currently in the egg donation process. In-Cycle egg donors also have waiting lists. Should you be interested in working with an egg donor classed In-Cycle, call our offices to reserve your place on her waiting list. We'll contact you immediately if and when she becomes available again.

Establishing a relationship with your Egg Donor

Some intended parents work with their egg donor in complete anonymity. Others want to talk with them on the telephone, exchange emails or meet them personally. Some form an enduring relationship with their egg donor. We have experience in facilitating matches from complete anonymity to full disclosure. The choice is between you and your egg donor. Please read through our additional services for more information.

Making Family Creations' system work for you

We work hard to locate qualified donor candidates. We review candidate profiles and conduct interviews with potential egg donors every day. Family Creations' pool of egg donor candidates grows daily. When you are ready to select an egg donor, log into our system each day.

When you have found the egg donor that you would like to work with, do not wait to Reserve her. If your favorite is already Reserved or is In-Cycle, then call our offices to get on her waiting list. Our goal is to match you with an egg donor who has the characteristics that you are looking for.