How Long Until I Am Matched?

by Admin on June 27, 2011

OK – Donors…this is a VERY good question and one that we are asked often.

So, you make the decision to become a donor, great!  You apply with Family Creations, submit all your paperwork, and have your interview with our office.  Then you receive word that you are officially approved as a donor!  Yahooo!!!!

Well…then what?

Family Creations has thousands of registered clients that are actively searching for an egg donor every day.  Once you become an approved donor with us, your profile is added to our password protected database where future parents can log in and review you profile and photos.

Future parents look for a variety of different things in their search for a donor.  Similar ethnic background, similar appearance to the intended mother (height, hair color, eye color, etc.) similar academic achievements, athletic achievements, interests, etc.  Some clients look for a donor with “proven fertility” meaning the donor has had a child of her own or has been a previous egg donor.  For each client it is different and for many, they are really just looking for a donor that they feel some kind of connection with.

With that said, the amount of time it takes to get matched can vary.  Some of our donors are matched within a few days of becoming an approved donor with us.  For others, it can take a bit longer.  We have had several donors wait a year to get matched for their first donation, and then go on to get matched for 5 other donation cycles immediately after!  It really depends…

But as a donor, there are certainly things YOU can do to help the process along!

  1. When completing your profile, you want to be as detailed as possible.  You really want to give intended parents a good idea of who you are!  Also, let us know when you have updates!  Did you earn that Bachelor’s Degree, get accepted into Graduate School?  Did your GPA increase?  These are all relevant pieces of information that should be updated on your profile.
  2. Submit as many photos as possible.  The more pictures, the better!   Think clear photos, and photos that showcase you and your personality best.  If you go on a trip and take new pictures that you would like to add to your profile, send them our way!
  3. Stay in contact with us!  If we leave you a message or send you an email with questions, it means that we likely have a possible match for you!  Many clients will have additional questions for a potential donor or want to see additional photos.  The sooner you can get back to us with any information, the better!
  4. Just be patient, and know that Family Creations is always working hard to find a match for you.  Even if you haven’t heard from us for a few weeks, we are still doing what we can to make sure intended parents can have access to your profile for consideration.
  5. If for whatever reason you are no longer available to donate at any time, please make sure to notify us immediately.  It is incredibly difficult for recipient parents who sometimes look for months and months to find their “perfect donor” to finally find her and then learn that the donor in no longer available.  This heartache can easily be avoided by staying in constant communication with our office.

So again, it is hard to say exactly how long it will take for each donor to get matched.  But by staying in communication with Family Creations, completing you profile thoroughly, and sending lots of great photos, it can certainly help speed things along.

We look forward to hopefully calling you with some great news very soon!  🙂

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