Learn About What Disqualifies You From Donating Eggs

Photo of an oral birth control blister-pack

Whether you’re already on birth control or wondering whether you should be on it before donating your eggs, you need answers. At Family Creations, we can help you be better prepared before applying to become an egg donor. While being on birth control is allowed when you apply to be an egg donor, certain types of birth control can be a problem. Read on to learn more about which birth control to avoid and which are acceptable.

Norplant or Implanon

Photos of the Norplant birth control implant

If you’re an egg donor and this is your birth control, you can experience delays lasting up to two months. These kinds of birth control are also called implants and will require removal before we can begin the egg donation procedures. Once the implant is removed, your average hormone concentration typically returns within two weeks. Still, we recommend waiting an additional four to six weeks to ensure that your hormone production and fertility are at an all-time high before your doctor starts the stimulation cycle.

Please remember there is no need to switch or remove your birth control until you are ready to be screened and advised by the doctor providing your care during your egg donor cycle.


Photo of the Depo-Provera injection

Depo-Provera is an injection style of birth control that significantly delays the timeline for egg donation. As an egg donor on this birth control, you can expect a delay of at least six months. While Depo-Provera does not disqualify you from donating eggs, we will ask you to discontinue it immediately and contact us once the six-month waiting period is up. The first few months after you stop Depo-Provera is when you are at your lowest fertility rate. You’ll need to have periods in regular intervals before moving ahead with your egg donation.

Hormonal IUD

Photo of a birth control IUD

Two types of intrauterine devices are currently in use to prevent pregnancies. Copper-based IUD devices are not contraindicated birth control for egg donors and can be left untouched during the donation process. A hormonal IUD, on the other hand, is slightly more problematic. You will need to take it out eventually, but the “when” varies from person to person. Some donors can leave this device in place until their medical screening.

The fertility doctor handling your care during your donor cycle will provide clear instructions regarding your IUD.

Egg Donors and “The Patch” Birth Control

Most transdermal birth control patches will not disqualify you from donating eggs and don’t typically delay the procedure. After your initial screening, the doctor handling your care will provide instructions regarding the timing of your patches.

Following Egg Donation Procedures

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You will need to take several medications throughout the egg donation process. Still, everything is supervised by your doctor, who will closely monitor the entire process to ensure your body is reacting correctly. From fertility medication to birth control, egg donors are carefully guided and instructed by their doctor so they know exactly what to do.

Understanding What Disqualifies You From Donating Eggs

Photo of an oral birth control blister-pack

Congratulations! Once you’ve been screened, interviewed, and selected by a recipient parent, you are a qualified egg donor! At this stage, you will begin the medication necessary to start the official egg donation process. Once your cycle has been synced to that of the recipient, your doctor will begin fertility injections to stimulate the growth of multiple eggs. The stimulation medication is a shot you will give yourself every day. At the same time, you are also started on a low dose of pill-form birth control. Egg donors use this birth control for between 14 to 21 days. Your recipient will also take birth control to continue synchronizing your two systems. You’ll both be ready to donate and receive eggs in just a few weeks.

Working with Family Creations

At Family Creations, we’ve been working with egg donors and intended parents for years. We work with some of the most experienced doctors in the industry! Many egg donors and intended parents have nothing but praise for their experience with us.

If you’re an egg donor on birth control and have additional questions we haven’t addressed, or if you’re wondering what conditions disqualify you from donating eggs, call us today. One of our team members will be happy to discuss what you can do to ensure you’re a top candidate for egg donation.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 11, 2023