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5 Tips For In Cycle Donors

Your Family Creations case manager is going to be there to support you along every step of the way. Your case manager is your go-to person if you ever have any questions about the process, and there’s no need to be shy. No matter how personal, we’ve likely heard the same question from previous donors. Think of your case manager as your donation cycle bestie. You can talk with us about anything.

Here are 5 other tips we thought would be helpful:

  • Communication is really important during a cycle. You’ll want to be sure to check your voicemail, emails, and texts often as the donation process is time sensitive. You wouldn’t want to miss instruction from the doctor or your case manager. Also, if you have any questions about what to expect next, just ask your case manager (a.k.a, cycle bestie).
  • Write it down. We know, life gets busy. Many of our donors are students, have jobs, are mothers -or all three at once! It’s a good idea to take notes on all information you receive from the doctor or nurse to avoid any confusion about medication dosage, follow-up appointment times/dates, etc.
  • You can’t pour from an empty cup. Your body is hard at work producing multiple eggs in just one cycle. You’ll want to be sure you stay rested, hydrated, and well-nourished throughout the cycle. This means taking a break from intense workouts, drinking plenty of water and electrolyte rich beverages, and eating nutrient dense foods.
  • Combat the bloating. It’s very common to experience bloating as a side effect of the stimulation medication. To add to the previous tip, eating well and drinking lots of water will help you prevent or lessen bloating. Drinking water helps to flush out excess fluids in the system and high fiber foods will keep your digestion working efficiently. Try avoiding high sugar and high carbohydrate foods as these may contribute to excess bloating. Be sure to talk with the doctor/nurse about an appropriate nutrition plan for you during the cycle.
  • Remember your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ is the reason you chose to become an egg donor. Whatever the reason, this may be one of the most meaningful jobs you have in your lifetime. By donating, you’re helping a person or couple create the family they’ve always dreamed of… and that’s pretty amazing.
by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 3, 2023