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There is a lot to consider when choosing to go through the surrogacy process, including a significant financial commitment. Some intended parents may want to cut costs by using an independent surrogate. However, a reputable surrogacy agency can be a valuable resource on the journey to becoming a parent. Trusted surrogate agencies can eliminate bumps in the road and reduce unknown challenges that can be associated with the surrogacy process.

What to Expect from a Reputable Surrogacy Agency

Professional surrogate agencies can guide you throughout the process and match you to an ideal surrogate. Reputable surrogacy agencies work with a wide pool of women from across the United States who are extensively screened and vetted through comprehensive interviews, thorough background checks, and detailed information regarding each potential surrogate’s medical and social history. Qualifications for potential surrogates include being between 21 and 39 years of age, having already experienced a healthy pregnancy and delivery, having no history of drug use, and being a healthy non-smoker who is financially stable.

The Benefits of Surrogate Agencies

One of the primary benefits of working with an agency is the rich diversity of options they can offer you. When working with an established agency that features a national network of surrogates, you will have access to a more diverse pool of potential surrogates to choose from. This larger pool of candidates gives you a better chance of selecting the traits and qualities that are important to you.

Surrogate agencies caring allies who will work with you through every step, and every day, of the surrogacy process. When you work with an agency, you can be confident that your legal rights will be fully explained to you, and you can get answers to all of your questions. Deciding to have a child via surrogacy can be complex because every state has different laws and regulations. Being guided through your surrogacy journey by experienced professionals helps ensure that you are fully protected. Reputable surrogacy agencies will help you connect with legal professionals specializing in surrogacy law in your state.

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

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by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 6, 2023