Hey Ya’ll! We are officially settled in here in Austin, Texas!

We’re located off of the Far West exit headed North on Mo Pac at 7000 North Mo Pac Expressway, 78731. Our office is nestled on the second floor of the building. Right off the expressway, minutes away from Texas Fertility Center and a view of downtown Austin within eyeshot, we’re easily accessible no matter where you’re coming from. We offer complimentary parking for our visitors, the garage is located just past the Koi pond and entrance to our building.

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Upon arriving on the second floor you’ll be greeted in the reception area where you can enjoy complimentary coffee, tea or hot cocoa while waiting for your meeting or interview to begin. We are able to facilitate one on one interviews with potential surrogates and donors as well as match meetings and even videoconferencing!   After your meeting, you can grab a bite to eat at the Central Market Café located on the first floor of the building off of the court yard.

Most donors and surrogates come into this process knowing only a small part of the large picture, it’s reassuring to them that we’re physically within reach when they’re in need. Our new location allows us the opportunity to conduct in person donor and surrogate interviews as well as surrogate home visits, bringing a sense of ease to donors and surrogates.  There are times when a donor or surrogate might need professional support and being able to come in and talk to a Family Creations coordinator can make all the difference.

We know it’s meaningful for recipients when we’ve had the opportunity to meet their potential donor or surrogate.  Meeting with all of these wonderful women is also meaningful for us because we want to ensure, as much as possible, that we have amazing, reliable, trustworthy donors and surrogates available for our recipients. While going through this process recipients, and donors, often feel a sort of disconnect and being able to make a connection with their agency is very meaningful.  Recipients put so much trust in us to ensure a smooth cycle that having the opportunity to come in and meet with us is often very reassuring. We are truly within reach.

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Our reach extends much past Austin as we’ll frequent Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio visiting fertility clinics and performing surrogate home visits.  We are dedicated to our clients and this process, and we want to personally meet not only your contact person at the clinic but also the doctors.

Family Creations has a large database of available donors and we are receiving applications from fantastic women daily from Texas and throughout the US. With the surrogacy laws in Texas being favorable, we want to make that option more accessible for recipients  by offering local surrogates to our Texas clients. Our rapport with fertility clinics in Texas is just a shining example of why so many recipients are referred to Family Creations.  With such a large demand in a booming town like Austin, we know that this will be a great venture for us!

Family Creations, as an agency, is open to working with clients of any sexual orientation and marital status and will help you navigate through your states regulations to bring you closer to your dream of a family. Our goal is to help you create your perfect family and want to make this as easy for you as possible.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you ease into this hopeful time in your life.

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : July 7, 2023