Cultivating a father/daughter relationship takes work. Undoubtedly there will be tough years ahead when your daughter will want to be independent, so it is important to lay the foundation of a healthy and loving relationship with your daughter while she is young. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to experience daddy-daughter dance, provide dating advice and teach her how to change a tire on her first car.

Professionals who study father/daughter relationships agree that a strong father figure is associated with the success of the relationship with males in her future.  Therefore, it is important for daddy to compliment his daughter. If they hear the validation straight from their own father, they will be less likely to seek this elsewhere. Validations such as: “you look great” or “you did such a good job” will build your daughter’s self-confidence and reinforce that the most important man in her life is paying attention to her actions and efforts.

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It is also important for dad to support his daughter’s hobbies, endeavors, and talents. Whether your daughter enjoys tap dance, gymnastics or soccer, having your support will mean the world to her and continue to boost her self-esteem. Fathers who let their daughter know that you will be there for her no matter what, no questions asked, is a great way to create a means for healthy communication.

Let her cry, and cry with her. Let your daughter have her emotions and cry and try to empathize with her, too. Hear your daughter out, talk her through the situation and let her know that she can always come to you for a shoulder to cry on.

Lastly, it is important for your daughter to see your respectful relationship with other women, especially her mom. Your daughter should be able to see you treat her mother and other females with respect. This teaches your daughter about what she will tolerate from men in her future relationships.

To all the fathers, intended fathers, and soon-to-be fathers, we wish you all a very happy, and safe Father’s Day!

by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : February 14, 2023