Egg donation is very common all over the world and gives future parents an open door to the possibility of growing their family. This process helps give hope and inspiration to many people who thought that they had no chance at having a baby. While most people are aware of what the egg donor programs entail, there are still minor details that they may not be informed about. Family Creations will give you a jist of all the important facts about this process.

How does Egg Donation work?

Many women who are above the age of 40 have a limited chance of becoming pregnant naturally as a women’s egg reserve begins to rapidly decline after the age of 35.  Using the assistance of an egg donor is a viable option for many women who are starting a family later in life.

You may be wondering how the process works.  Once working with Family Creations, you will be given a password to view our online egg donor database.  Our donors are screened for basic criteria such as healthy family history, appropriate life style, and other general requirements.  Our team works hard to offer donors of all different races and cultural backgrounds.   Our database of available donors is diverse and well-rounded.   Many agencies don’t keep their databases of donors up to date leaving future parents feeling let down when they choose a donor only to find out she is “aged out” or just not available.  Our team has a very specific process in place to ensure our database of available donors is up to date with donors who are ready to begin the process immediately.

Family Creations offers egg donation services to international clients as well. In the majority of countries, egg donation is illegal or their are no programs available that offer egg donation. Our international clients appreciate our agency because of the wide selection of qualified candidates we offer them, which may not be accessible in other parts of the world.  Our team is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to international egg donor arrangements.

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by Julia McConnell | Last updated on : October 25, 2023